A Platform for the Common Marketer to do Digital Better

I come from an era where print, radio and tv dominated the marketing scene. To a certain extent, these three still control most of our hearts and minds. However, with the dawn of the new millennium and the advent of social media; things have flip turned in a matter of years. Digital is a channel that any marketer would consider a no brainer in their marketing mix now a days. According to some of the latest youtube data, it’s very apparent that tv is been given a good run for it’s money by online video and streaming. But with all winds blowing towards digital, why aren’t there more and more digital marketers in the world? Why is digital being controlled by some who appear to be very techy? Why can’t normal people understand digital? In a bid to simplify things, Google came up with Micro Moments. This is a great concept that has now replaced their earlier thinkingZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth. Understanding customers’ Micro Moments is a fundamental strategy that any marketer should look into. But how does one simply do that?

I’ve been in the corporate world for far too long and in most cases than not, I’ve had to justify a lot of things. Believe it or not, introducing digital marketing to the channel mix was one such justification. This is when I thought, if there was a tool where I could get to know more about my existing customers so that I could present this to the senior management and at least get some budget to do a bit of lean marketing. But to my surprise, there wasn’t anything out there in the market to help me with this need.

So I started exploring some of the channels and went quite deep into the digital marketing platforms that’s out there. But my ‘aha’ moment happened in a totally unexpected way. I was creating a few google accounts to do some tests (all legitimate I promise) and then got a pop up from google saying, connect with other friends who may also be using this channel. And they gave an option to upload a list of emails! So simple yet so powerful! I started thinking along these lines and thought if I had a tool where I could upload a list of emails of my existing customers and if the tool could search the web and let me know the digital foot print of these customers; then I could use this as a starting point to justify my initial digital investment or at least divy up my digital budget according to my current customer’s digital split!

Once I knew my existing customer’s digital footprint, my next idea was to find a way to be in front of them during their Micro Moments. There are a few ways of doing this; you either go through an agency or you work with the digital platforms directly. In both cases, someone has to know how to target consumers using the main digital channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. But what if I could create my target audiences in one platform and use a single point to address all channels?

As a marketer I want to take my business to the next level by doing a bit of growth hacking and expanding my audience. What if there was a platform that looked at various aspects of my current customers and opened up a massive pool of potential customers that I could showcase my brand to?

I give you Momentro; the world’s first Micro Moments Marketing Platform that’s helping traditional marketers to move into digital and justify digital, growth hackers to take their businesses into the next level and ad agencies to help understand more about their clients’ customers and help them achieve their digital ambitions. Sign up now to get an early invite to Momentro.