The Andela Challenge

I just finished my Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics. I have done some programming before but the standard has never been this high. For those I have worked on, no one cared about how you did your comments. Git commits and workflow was the least of their worries. How your code functionality was implemented was really not that big of a deal. Basically in my opinion now,system development was a disaster before I came to Andela.

Personally, I’m still struggling with some challenges. I have deleted my repository more than once because of branching or file structure but if you look at it now you’re going to fall in love with it. Some times I have to do things twice on more to get it right but after that third time, I’m sure that that concept is now part of me.

In my opinion the challenge the Andela is posing to all of us as boot campers is beyond your skills, are you able to follow the best standards while doing so. Are we able to adapt to the standards that Andela places on every step of development?The challenge is are we able to become world class Andela developers.

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