What I Learned From Getting Sick (and How Manifestation REALLY Works)

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” — Stephen R. Covey

As the mother of two small children, one of whom is currently in daycare, I have learned how quickly and easily they can, and do, catch colds. I make it a regular practice to treat them naturally whenever I can and try everything I can think of to prevent them from getting sick and to avoid a trip to the doctor’s as much as possible. We all go the chiropractor regularly and I have studied homeopathics and natural supplements in depth.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that I am successful in avoiding that trip to the doctor, but when we do go, it’s because I know it’s necessary for them. In those cases, I simply have to let go and accept that I have done everything I possibly could to help them on my own, and that it’s OK to ask for help when you need it. They are my children, and I want the very best for them, no matter what that may be at the time.

It’s been quite a different story for me, however. I tend to be more stubborn about taking myself to the doctor, or rather, I have been in the past. I’ve learned so much about natural and alternative healing methods in the past ten years that I have tons of things in my arsenal I can try. My prevention methods seem to work so well that I rarely get sick anymore, so when I do, and I can’t clear it up on my own, it’s quite frustrating, especially considering I AM a healer!

Colds and illnesses have always made me feel depressed and run down, if for no other reason than I am feeling less than my best. But what I started to notice after some time was a pattern related to illness and manifestation. I noticed that when I wasn’t feeling well, everything would slow down, things would simply not go well for me, and this included my business. It was like I just didn’t have the energy to focus my manifestation efforts enough to attract what I wanted for my life!

And for as much as I would have liked to ignore and skirt around this issue for as long as possible, the message really came across loud and clear recently when I had a low-level sinus infection that I simply could not kick no matter what I tried. It kept seeming like it would get better as I would try something new and then it would rebound and it was like I hadn’t made any progress with it at all.

After three weeks of trying my best and watching my life, and my business, slow to a halt around me, I thought I should finally listen to my gut instinct (and my Spirit Guides) screaming at me to go to the doctors and get some medication. So, I made an appointment and took the time out for myself for a change.

It was certainly a change for me, since it’s always my kids that I’m taking to the doctor or working to get and stay well, but overall it was a good experience because it reminded me that I need to take care of ME too, something I had clearly forgotten.

As stubborn as I was, I still tried some things at home for a few more days before finally giving up and taking the medication the doctor had prescribed, and when I did, I started to feel better pretty quickly, but it still took at least a few days before my life returned to something resembling “normal” again.

The really interesting thing was that I could clearly see the upward trend and forward movement in not only my mood and how I felt, but there was also a direct correlation between that and my business. The better I felt, the better the outcomes I created and attracted in my business. What a revelation!

It’s not like I had never made this connection before somewhere in my mind. It’s just that it was not in the forefront of my mind. I was never forced to look at the importance of the physical body when it comes to manifestation, but the sinus infection I had made me stop and listen to the HUGE message the Universe was trying to send me, and if I hadn’t fully understood the significance of it before, I certainly understand it now.

We are spiritual beings living a PHYSICAL existence and in order to create and manifest into our physical reality, energy must flow to, from, and THROUGH our physical bodies, and it can’t do that if there is a blockage, like a physical illness.

The even bigger message for me was a reminder of the importance of remembering that sometimes exactly what we need is NOT to try, but rather just let go and allow ourselves to receive the help we so greatly deserve.

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