We’re Not Getting Distracted by Technology as a Whole; The Problem Lies Somewhere Else — Says Subhajeet Mukherjee

Subhajeet Mukherjee

The invention is the innovation and creativity of the brain to make things which support life and daily activities. With inventions being patented daily, there are many which support and help to achieve our daily tasks with ease. The Internet has infinite opportunities; you need that keen eye to grab on to it.

Subhajeet Mukherjee basically from Kolkata, India had a dream from a very young age to design his own operating system. As a result, his invention was approved by Brookings Economic Development Corporation, Brookings, South Dakota. He took online classes at Stanford University too. He discussed his invention with the former president Mr. Barack Obama and received his best wishes regarding the same.

He says,

We are not getting distracted by Technology; we are being distracted by Modern Operating Systems and the way we interact with them’, in his book “Not in a Smarter Us”.

This sounds like an actual fact and you would agree with me. The main reason being, we just don’t update ourselves with all the distractions around us.

Moreover, various surveys and researchers state that multitasking is harmful and doesn’t increase your production but hinders it. As he mentioned, only 1 out of 4 people live up to their creative potential as per a survey by Adobe. The modern assistants are getting smarter and not us; this seems similar to the machines taking over our lives.

His theory discusses the distractions from the focus sphere which leads to an infinite loop as he calls the theory as Round Focus Theory or Mukherjee Theory. He also states that his system will have a less personalized user interface and may use machine intelligence to better communicate with the user if necessary. Machine intelligence is just a component of the system. With wanting to create a better operating system to make us intelligent, various unknown problems at that time have been solved over time.

We are a slave to the technology around us, they dictate our lifestyle. The best example would be the movies, logically and technically impossible yet looks cool. Machine intelligence supporting us to make us smarter is always better than us always relying on the machine intelligence. You will be shocked to know the advancement of technology we have and the breakthroughs over the last decade, but we still are clueless.

He also stated, Us controlling technology is better than technology controlling us and compared Plato’s allegory of the cave in his book. From concept to implementation, Subhajeet has been constantly working towards the success of his invention as he wishes to make humans smarter. It would be quite interesting to see what his next moves are for the better of mankind.