Dave Williams

Agree, because God won’t talk with u directly but talk with u though his words or the things that happen to u.

Besides, the most important thing is PRAY because it is the only channel for u to contact with God.

Just as God says, “Prayer is a path for man to cooperate with God, a way for man to call on God, and a course for man to be moved by God’s Spirit. It can be said that a person without prayer is a dead one without a spirit, and it shows that he does not have the organ to receive God’s moving. Without prayer, one cannot have a normal spiritual living, much less keep up with the work of the Holy Spirit. Without prayer, one’s relationship with God will be cut off and he cannot receive God’s approval. As a believer in God, the more one prays, that is, the more moving he receives from God, the stronger will he will have and the more he can receive the newest inspiration from God. Thus, such a person can be perfected by the Holy Spirit sooner.” from The Word Appears in the Flesh

Source: https://www.hearthymn.com/on-the-practice-of-prayer.html

Hope it helps. :)