Amazing Ways to Make Any Room feel more Spacious

We all like to have a spacious bedroom, living room, kitchen and spacious home but not all of us get the things that we want. So, with the increasing problems of space sometimes we might be confined to a small apartment or even condo. But if you are feeling that your home is not so spacious enough, that is in your heart but you can actually make it look and feel bugger and spacious. All you need is some simple ways to make your room look more spacious and enough to mingle with. Once your heart says it is spacious looking then, you have done a good job.

The good traffic to the good space

The traffic flow in your home matters a lot if you are thinking to improve the spaciousness in your home. Why not take some time and walk through every room like you are a guest. This will help you to think for a while in another’s perspective. Do you have to squeeze though furniture and seating areas t get to the other corner? Or isn’t the path smooth and clear? Have a lot of obstacles you need to save form falling? Things like this can make your room eventually look cramp-ish. This is why it is best to clear out some of the unwanted stuff out of the way and arrange the furniture so you have a good traffic flow in your home.

Spread weight

Your furniture doesn’t have to be so bulky and heavy weight to make your room rich looking. Sometimes a lightweight piece of furniture and neutral looking colors can make your space more appealing.

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Even if you have this heavyweight furniture it is important that you spread the weight equally to every room in your home. Sometimes a place that is too dull and low with decors will suit to have this heavy furniture as an appealing masterpiece. Also, don’t forget the combination of styles.

The clutter you keep

If you are keeping stuff on your counters and places where your eyes meet daily then those are the things that you need daily. Don’t fill in space with things you rarely use. These are the small culprits behind consuming valuable space in your room. So, whether it is your kitchen, storage cabinets ,bathroom or bedroom make sure that you have a good idea of the things you need often and access daily. Plus, get rid of this clutter that you don’t want and that will reduce the amount of cramp-ishness in your room.

Yes, clean the space

A clean home is never appealing to the eyes and it makes you feel that your room is not spacious as well. Throw some light to your room by cleaning and dusting all the furniture, nooks, shelves, carpets, rugs, racks, etc. and you will feel better. Plus, having a clean home is also good for your health and you can make your home a more hygienic place to live.

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