A Little About Excel…

Welcome. Thank you for taking time to read our newly added Blog. We hope these blogs give each of you something informational that you can use now or in the future.

Growing up, I wanted more than anything to be a teacher. To be able to work with people, to show them how they could become better at what they excel at and how to love life. As I grew older and finished high school, the thought of being a “teacher” was the furthest career choice I could think of. However, Child Psychology, that was something I could see myself diving into and soaking up. Two years into college and a horrible speaker that turned over half the students off from wanting to be psychologists, I decided that maybe something in the medical field was where I should turn to. While attending college I was working in family owned businesses handling bookkeeping, payroll, human resource functions, and job entry. I would tell everyone I would meet “there is NO WAY I would do this work for a living.” After working in the medical field for over 12 years in management roles and directly reporting the CFO, I obtained my accounting degree and moved on into public accounting. Working as a staff accountant and then eventually a senior accountant, I learned a great deal and decided I wanted to start my own practice. This led me to open Excel Accounting and Consulting.

Its been 12 wonderful years thanks to all of my clients, family and friends that support this business, myself and those that help make this company what it is today. Who would have ever guessed, I would be “teaching” and I would be doing what I thought I never would have as a young adult.

I have the pleasure everyday of doing what I love, having change and helping my clients “excel” in their businesses and personal lives. That is why I chose to name this business Excel Accounting. Its a perfect name. Its so gratifying to see a company start from just a simple idea and in a few years have a successful company that supports the owner and possible a family or employees. Or working with a company that didn’t have the proper guidance with past accountants and taking to the next level. This is my passion, my driving force that keeps me learning, teaching, searching out for those clients that really want to be the best and do the best for themselves and their companies. Helping is what I love to do and accounting is where I can help.

So please continue that journey with me or send someone to join the journey with me. I’m so blessed for everyone. Thank you again!