Resolutions, Goals and Gratitude

Sometimes it is better to just keep quiet

I’m the type who usually blabs my big, giant goals and resolutions to the world in hopes that I will actually do them if I shout about them to everyone. This theory didn’t work so well last year. In January, I posted how I was starting Crossfit and was going to go regularly. I went 3 times. Yep, 3 times and then decided Crossfit was not for me.

This year, instead of shouting about my resolutions and goals, I am quietly working on my success plan. I’ve set my business, writing and financial goals for the year, along with milestone dates to make sure I am keeping on track.

I’m trying things differently this year. I’m going to be a little more mindful and introspective with my goals. The one thing I am going to commit to do is to practice gratitude every day. I’ve got a gratitude jar (thanks to my friend and business cheerleader) and I plan to fill it up by the end of the year! I am keeping this jar on my desk next to my keyboard so I am reminded daily to be grateful for all that I have.