Improve your fitness and health without noticing it!

Three 10 minute periods of activity are as beneficial to your overall fitness as one 30 minute session

Now maybe this isn’t a blog post that the average Olympian would aspire to and my apologies if you are an Olympian and reading this but I still think you may see something of yourself in this, so do continue.

My top tip for improving your general levels of fitness is to…….


I know this sounds a bit daft but I am always moving and rarely sit still for more than a few minutes (unless of course you count after 8.30pm when I am comatose in front of the TV, until I can haul myself up to bed!). This ‘ants in your pants’ approach to life is not a great philosophy for focusing on long and detailed work but it is great for getting the heart rate up and burning up extra calories.

8 ways to get moving:

  1. Go fetch! Always be the one who gets up to get something, even for other people (you earn Brownie points that way) as well as burn a few calories.
  2. Always take the stairs. I learnt this from my sporty Dad who took the stairs at work until he retired, when he was the company MD (I do take after my Dad then?)
  3. Be late.Again not a great philosophy for a stress free life but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve run to meetings, school pick up, social gatherings, for trains and planes. It all counts.
  4. Walk or cycle whenever you can. I have always disliked public transport and certainly when I lived in London I pretty much ran everywhere. I ran the 8 miles to work and used to see if I could race one of my colleagues when I’d pass him on the way to train station. I even ran to a leaving do once. However, 13 miles followed by a few beers is definitely not recommended but I saved on the pre-‘get together’ drink calories and improved my fitness on my run
  5. Be forgetful. Many, many wasted trips up and down stairs, to and from the Post Office, to and from my daughter’s school.
  6. Walk quickly. You raise your heart rate and you get there faster. That does make up a little for all the time spent being forgetful!
  7. Exercise at home. If you can’t get to the gym, you are home late from work, you don’t have any childcare or you’re really tired and can’t find the motivation to go out and exercise then do something at home. It can be 5 minutes, but 5 minutes is better than nothing and it might lift your mood and up your energy levels as well. There’s so much you can do at home from YouTube videos for just about any kind of type of exercise class, to a 30-day core challenge from, to a static bike, turbo trainer or rollers, to running up and down the stairs 10 times.
  8. NEVER deny yourself food. A little bit of what you fancy makes a world of difference. Now I’m not advocating that you go and eat 6 donuts just because you don’t want to ‘deny’ yourself but I rarely go a day without chocolate and I crave sweet things. Try and keep to homemade treats and natural sugars as much as you can. There is nothing more depressing or disheartening than a traditional ‘diet of denial’. Think of your food intake on a day by day basis or week by week and if you broadly do OK, you’re on a good path.

All in all taking the first steps to becoming fit and healthy is just that TAKE YOUR FIRST STEPS.

Happy exercising!

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