Personal training. Heaven or hell?

Does personal training save you money versus the gym?

Reports are varied as to whether or not there is a rise in personal training in the UK. But I’m going by what I see and I see a lot of people using more and more personal trainers for one to one coaching.

My immediate thought about hiring a personal trainer is “Oh my it’s going to cost a fortune”. However, some PT advocates will tell me it is actually saving them money versus the gym! How can that be? Even one session a week mixed with some personal training time, mixed with buddying up with a friend can’t possibly be less than one week of gym membership.

Then I realise it isn’t about actual £’s leaking out of their pockets, it’s about the ‘value’ they get from personal training. Many of them have been members of a gym and they never go to and so ‘throw away’ £45–50 a month (more down south), on a membership they don’t use. So even one session a month is better ‘value’ than a gym membership that is never used.

So yeah I get it, kind of. At the moment I don’t use my gym membership as much as usual (too much time trying to build up Do it Deva!!). However, there are weeks (hopefully to return soon) when I will swim 3 times, take my daughter swimming, do a spinning class, a circuit class, a body pump class and yoga. Plus if the weather’s really bad I might do an interval session on the running machine. That makes my gym membership pretty good value.

Looks like fun!

However, I would really, really like to train with a PT for many reasons and here are a few:

  1. Goals — Oh how I would love some goals to be able to stick to. I have goals that involve mad endurance challenges where I train like a demon, but I don’t tend to have goals that are considered, achievable or even realistic and I certainly don’t have any sub-goals or mid-term goals. I’m sure a personal trainer could help with this
  2. Personalised Plan — My plan is personalised, I sort of make it up as I go along. A bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of wine! I almost kid myself that I have a plan and I do have a plan, but I don’t know what to do when the plan falls apart. I could do with some help there because that’s also where the next advantage starts to come into play.
  3. Motivation — A personal trainer gets to know you and knows what drives you and maybe more importantly what pisses you off. You could call it motivation or possibly ‘trickery’ as they trick you into doing something that left to your own devices you could easily talk yourself out of. Maybe they should re-brand themselves as ‘illusionists’. Would that work?
  4. Specific Sports Training — a few years ago PT was ‘one size fits all’ but these days you can hire a tri-coach or a swimming coach or a couch to 5k coach and not just a ‘get you fit in the gym coach’. Although, even in the gym you can get a Cross-fit coach or a HIIT coach or a Suspension Training coach or a Weight Control coach and so you have so many more chances of achieving your goals, sticking to the sessions and possibly enjoying yourself.
  5. Ego Boost — I love this benefit of hiring a PT. Who doesn’t need an ego boost when you chase your tail all day trying to be the best you can, when there are not enough hours in the day to be perfect? Someone to tell you you’re doing a good job, you’re getting stronger, you’re looking better, I’d pay good money for that for sure.

So why don’t I have a personal trainer?

Here goes:

  1. The cost — Unfortunately for the amount of training I want (or amount of ego boosting!), I would probably myself with a personal trainer. Although there is a case for a bit of a mix and match approach but I would have to give up my gym membership. Not sure I’m quite ready to jump off that fence yet.
  2. Finding the right trainer — now this fills me with fear. You find a PT and then it’s not quite working out as you hoped but you don’t want to offend them by stopping and it all becomes really stressful, just because you want a different trainer. It’s human nature (especially female nature) and I am already too stressed to add another complication into my life.
  3. Performance Pressure — so then we add in the pressure of ‘giving it your all’ at a session. I think I’d have sleepless nights worrying about how hard I was going to have to work and then working really hard in the session and feeling really sick and not wanting to go again. But the silly thing is it would be me applying this sort of pressure and not the PT
  4. Avoidance/’naughty girl’ syndrome — I imagine those first few sessions are really hard as you try your hardest, but what happens when you work out the psychology of your trainer and then you know you can manipulate them and not work quite so hard as you have been doing. Then it becomes a waste of time and money. That might just be me, I think I’m a bit lazy under all the bravado!
Looks like fun?!!!

So, the conclusion. I nearly talked myself into finding a personal trainer and then I’ve managed to talk myself out of it. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and have you share your pictures with me on my social media pages.

Happy training everyone. The most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, just…..


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