Sally Boynton Brown
Jun 9, 2018 · 2 min read

I love.

That’s who I am.

I am made from love.




Most powerful,

Most brilliant,

Most tensile,

Energy of the universes.








I fall in love every day

When I see those

Clouds on brilliant blue.

Ants, scurry at work.

Flowers on the breeze

kiss my skin.

Couples pass by

wrapped in love.


share their honks.

Birds supported by currents of freedom.

I fall in love every day

When I see those

Who for years, transform each day.

Who dare vulnerability, truth-tellers.

Who stand up, order the daily chaos.

Who exist, face injustice.

Who audaciously put themselves first.

Who scream, passion streaming from their pores.

Who are lost and wander the darkness.

Who power seduces and lose sight.

Who pray, when all hope is lost.

I fall in love every day

When I see those

Tears in my eyes

Hopes in my heart

Wishes in my dreams

Visions in my plans

Furies in my feet

Laughs in my lips

Screams in my throat

Caresses in my palms

Peace in my soul.

I fall in love every day

All that is.

All that will ever be.

All that ever was.

Whatever manifestation,

Stay connected.

The purest gift, falling in love.

So radiant

So powerful

For that brief moment

We forget the darkness

Just for a moment

We remember all that is good

In that moment

We imagine justice is possible.

For a moment

We have clear vision of a better world.

Because with love

All things are possible.

Because with love

The darkest of souls is redeemed.

Because with love

We are worthy.

Because with love

We reach for our best selves.

Because with love

We are all interconnected.

Because with love…

It is love

That saves us

Every day




Sally Boynton Brown

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Social philanthropist, political coach, human. I empower visionary leaders with the tools they need to transform our world.