The College Cult
Chris Brady

Chris! This is the kind of thinking I loathed in college, but when I reflect on it I can appreciate the fight and focus it took for me to finish college and pay for it myself. I had the awkward experience of having an older sister whose college experience was paid for primarily by my parents while mine was not. The results are clear. She stuck it out at an expensive private college in LA and graduated top of her class with a degree that she now uses for a frustrating and non-rewarding position. She’s never changed jobs and has a huge fear of lack of security and my parents support her partially financially to this day. On the contrary, I worked 3 jobs and went to school full time and changed colleges 5 times in 4 years before I got the degree. Because I was paying for it myself I had extremely high standards for the education I received and was not satisfied with dry professors clicking through PowerPoint presentations. I’ve tried several careers, built a few small successful businesses and I’m hungrier than ever. Don’t give in on the 3rd kid ;) She’ll probably have the most clever way of handling the ‘pay for your own college’ approach. Watch and see!

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