The Moral of the Story

When my 16 year old decided to sit her learner’s licence, I did what any responsible parent would do and enrolled her for lessons. I figured my impatience and sketchy remembrance of road rules were better left to the experts. Thus enrolled, I saw my duty done; roll on and get thee licence done without using my car I thought. Brilliant!

But she came back from her first lesson with instructions to “practice turning left”. So I wasn’t going to get out of using my car, clutching door handles and screaming, after all.

But like any resourceful parent, I figured “We got this!” If we went around the block to our local for dinner, I could have a couple of generous wines to calm my nerves (which is good for her nerves too) then she could drive LEFT all the way home! Genius, right?

But dammit, that pesky little thing called morals kicked in (like it always does at inconvenient times in my life). This just didn’t seem entirely ethical. So I’ve resigned myself to taking her out driving left and driving her crazy, the normal way.

It’s not all bad news. Soon as she’s got her Restricted licence, I can get her to pick me up from the pub on Tuesdays right?