Social Change In 2015 As Seen On TV

We made it through Y2K, entered the Millennium, but not until this year did policies and attitudes reflect this. Check out some awesome stands top brands, marketers & celebrities took in 2015 to support these changin’ times.

Campbell’s showed us that the force is strong in support of gay marriage:

Moschino made it known that boys like dolls too:

Serena Williams shut down beliefs that women should be smiling and happy all the time:

Senator Claire McCaskill told men to shut the hell up:

Mattel reinforced the fact that in 2015, girls could do anything:

Katie Nolan ripped Greg Hardy and took a stand against the way the NFL treats domestic violence cases:

Abby Wambach retired an American hero, inspiring an entire generation:

Cecile Richards, Prez of Planned Parenthood, shut down a Congressman during her the PP hearing:

The Hunting Ground was released exposing the sexual assault epidemic on college campuses:

2015 was a year of change and although we aren’t there yet, hopefully we will be soon. Until then, we should rejoice the progress that was made this year!

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