Everything I Need is in My Bra

Photo by Kristaps Grundsteins on Unsplash

Horse feed.

Enough food crumbs to form a small snack.

A glow-in-the-dark keyring with car key and house key.


Oh yes … and boobs.

These are the contents of my bra on a regular basis.

They signify that I have all I need in life.

Horse feed

My happy place, my meditation, the time I forget all stresses, my white space, communing with nature, loving and being loved unconditionally.

All these happen in the presence of my beautiful, affectionate, quirky mare.

Horse feed in my bra means I have just spent time with her, fed and groomed her, checked her pedicure.

And she thanks me by rubbing her feed-covered nose on my face, neck, chest and through my hair.

I’m grateful for the sweet warmth of her coat and breath, the amusement her antics create and the deep connection.

I saved her once — she has repaid me a thousand times.

I’m grateful for the grittiness in my bra — remnants of soul-soothing love and laughter with my treasured equine friend.

Food crumbs

Edible detritus, evidence of sustenance gleaned from anywhere but the dining table.

Snacks wolfed down while driving, on the run, indicative of a busy life.

A treat enjoyed while lounging to Netflix with the love of my life (the human one). We feed each other morsels while laughing and snuggling, invested in each other far more than in any show.

I’m grateful for both the busyness and downtime though the balance teeters too often towards the hectic.

I’m grateful for the crumbs in my bra that remind me that we always have enough food … maybe too much. And this food fuels us to keep on living life.

And I’m ever so grateful for the caring, respectful and appreciative relationship my man and I have — it’s quite new to us both.

Car keys -

Oh the convenience of a freedom machine!

Workhorse for my business, taxi for the family. Reliable chariot to meetings, events, holidays — everywhere.

I’m grateful for the privilege of existing in a time of such mechanical marvels — and that we can afford such a beast.

Car keys in my bra mean I don’t have to take public transport, walk, or even worse, miss out on so much that brings meaning to my life.

House keys -

Shelter, comfort, security. A place to live, sleep, eat, work, write, laugh and love — not necessarily in that order.

I’m grateful for this humble place — often messy and cluttered because we are sentimental creatures. My attachment is not to the house itself, not one little bit.

I’m grateful that it houses the people I love, and that wherever they are, is home.

House keys in my bra mean that I have a home to go to.

Smartphone -

Connections, memories, business, information, stories, photographs, holidays, conversations, relationships — access to the entire world.

I’m grateful that this tiny device holds so many aspects of modern existence all easily accessed with a simple touch.

A smartphone in my bra means I’m out in nature, hands free and body unencumbered, yet can connect instantly with the world I am escaping.

Boobs -

The bra was invented to support and protect the female breast rather than serve as an impromptu storage space.

How ironic that of all the things I find in my bra, my boobs are the least useful, the least necessary.

They do have aesthetic appeal and certainly make wearing feminine clothes much easier — but that’s not what they were made for.

Mine have not fulfilled their primary function — no newborn has suckled, no baby thrived from their milk.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Unforeseen heartbreak and shattered dreams send you down roads you never imagined.

I’m grateful for where I am now, for the life I have is so rich and full despite the losses. I am as happy as I have ever been and not having my own children has freed me to fly by the seat of my pants and veer off in wild directions much more easily.

Boobs in my bra means ….. I still have my boobs — and for that I’m very grateful.

So everything I need in life is in my bra … plus a set of boobs :-)