Information Anxiety

Overwhelmed by data consumption? I was.

Death by data?

I thought I wanted to enter the tech field, and while I might code some day, my role is UX designer – what users really need is what I discover, define, develop, deliver. But I quickly discovered….

The digital world does. Not. Stop. It nearly scared me to death. Pause – and your device, even your thoughts, are out of date. It is made to feel like ageing, breathlessly. Not to mention the under-30 crowd ignores accessibility completely. COMPLETELY. I felt I was drowning by data overload.

READ THIS! No, this blog! The best of [insert number and item here]. Follow him/her on Twitter!

It didn’t take long for me to step back. A world, a sea, to get hopelessly lost in. Apps by the boatload to manage time, or cut out this or that. Apps for every damn thing. And ADS on those apps at times.

I began to feel I had to know everything. Somehow, the concept of not knowing, I think is pushing me over the edge into what I am calling information anxiety – we are being driven to feel that because we do NOT know a name, blog, podcast, twitter feed, that we are somehow missing out, with potentially fatal consequences.

Psych majors, am I onto something??

I won’t overwhelm you, reader. I just want you to know – YOU have the power. Take time to soak in information. Time favors quality, not quantity. It is OK not to know.

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