Where’s Caitlyn?

I asked myself this morning. I used to hear so much about the glorious, liberating transformation Bruce Jenner had … and then the line went dead.

This morning the headline from googling “caitlyn jenner” brought up de-transitioning. Huh?

Where’s the media ? Out for lunch I guess.

“It has been much harder than she anticipated”

We live in a world where emotions are said to define us … but feelings and emotions are so fleeting and unpredictable it’s amazing we stake our gender identity on them.

If we are to raise awareness about gender identity and confusion – anything on the sexuality spectrum, we need to admit two things: order and disorder. Curiously, we do know these 2 things….they aren’t feelings; they are objective realities.

Society says “try to fix the disorder by embracing it”. That is, saying “Disorder is now order and good.” Try as we might, we can’t alter reality. We must accept (or re-accept) that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgenders etc etc are in fact disorders. Not identities – which is quite freeing if you think about it. No your disorder doesn’t define you!

Which is also why we can’t continue to stigmatize it — anymore than alcoholics or schizophrenics or the host of other disorders that we all experience. Squeamish yet? I know my disorder(s). Do you know yours?

We need to stop pointing fingers out of our own insecurities. I don’t understand your gender disorder, but I’ll be your friend as you struggle. I don’t know exactly how hard it is for you – but I’m curious enough because you’re a human being. You are here to share! So don’t check out early btw. I can’t rejoice at your gender confusion, because I would be rejoicing over enormous pain. I choose compassion.

Sharing a bathroom with me doesn’t concern me. What concerns me is how much shit you go through … that for both of us, our feelings lie about order and disorder. I ask again … where’s Caitlyn?

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