“My daughter was sent her very first arrangement of flowers through the post this morning. When she told me about her gift I was expecting it to be a pretty bouquet of roses from her boyfriend — something romantic, gentle and pink. How wrong I was.

Sunflowers are bold, vibrant and intimidating. Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Betsy’s bouquet was a bold, vibrant and somewhat intimidating array of different sized sunflowers. They are not mine, yet they are in my space.

I adore them.

Betsy has plonked the sunflowers in a vase rather than artfully arranging them.

The sunflowers jut out at awkward angles to one another. All elbows and knees.

One flower has lost several of its petals. Has it been in a fight? Perhaps just a tussle with the jagged branch of some accompanying aggressively woody fauna. A hanger-on, a wannabe.

Another floret stands protectively and fiercely over two smaller blooms that are huddled together…

Going Back to School After Covid-19 Lockdown needs handling sensitively and mindfully. These tips will help your child return to school stress free.

Going back to school following the Coronavirus lockdown can be worrying for parents and children. Photo by Adrià Crehuet Cano on Unsplash

Both my ‘almost grown-up’ children are preparing to go back to university after an extended spell of living back at home with me during the Coronavirus induced lockdown. There are similiarities to when they were getting ready to go back to school. The same nerves and excitement have appeared and the same exploration of extra-curricular activities is being perused. The choices are more adult and the dress code different, but in essence the emotions they are going…

“Letting your children enter the big wide world should be about them and their welfare. It should not be about you!”

Letting your children have their independence is one of the hardest challenges caring parents face. Photo by Baylee Gramling on Unsplash

Keep Your Children Close by Letting Go

When my children left home to go to university I suffered excesses of empty nest syndrome. Whilst I knew that my girls needed the freedom and space to be themselves, make mistakes and live their own lives, I struggled to allow it.

At the time it felt like I was being demoted out of my children’s lives. What I am now able to see, at least a little more clearly, is that I was actually being promoted. Rather than teacher, coach and supervisor I had become more of silent partner, managing director or board member. …

toddlers cuddling
toddlers cuddling
Should we teach our children to be nice or does it put them at a life disadvantage? Photo by Chayene Rafaela on Unsplash

“If we teach our children to be nice are we putting them at a disadvantage in life?”

I was having a chat with one of my much younger friends the other day and asked her how her four year old daughter, Jodie was getting on. She explained to me, with tears in her eyes, how Jodie was contented and outgoing at home, but when at playgroup, or at children’s birthday parties she tended to hang back. It seemed Jodie preferred the company of the adults in the room to that of other kids.

Nice children can find making friends challenging

My friend was worried that her daughter, Jodie was struggling to make friends and didn’t know how to fend for herself when confronted with…

Old person dancing with middle aged person
Old person dancing with middle aged person
Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash

It is hard to pin-point the exact moment that the dynamic between my father and I changed so that I became, in part, responsible for him rather than visa-versa. The change was gradual, but as he has become more frail and elderly I do sometimes find myself in a strange kind of parental loco position for him.

This is a role that I take very seriously. My dad deserves utter respect and five star level care. I often think of U. A. Fanthorpe’s Old Man, Old Man. In it she traces her father’s lost independence and ageing process. …

These five simple rules about running a meeting, will go a long way towards guaranteeing a productive outcome and a happy team.

A successful meeting leader will empower others by giving them a voice and genuinely listening to their ideas. Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

My daughter has spent this summer completing an online internship for an environmental company. She seems to have quite a lot of responsibility for an undergraduate and quite frequently banishes us to a different part of the house whilst she runs and attends meetings.

It makes me smile to hear my daughter saying “I’m off to my meeting now.” To me she will always be ‘my baby’ and it sounds like she is playing at ‘going to work’. I am, of course, far from the truth and she is doing extremely well in her internship. She doesn’t need any advice…

As an ex-teacher, I know from school university counsellors that admissions officers are open to listening to and accepting students who have narrowly missed out on their offer. Encourage your child to phone their first-choice universities and be persuasive.

Girl looking at laptop
Girl looking at laptop
Don’t go it alone. Seek help from school and university college advisors when accessing results. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It is always a stressful time when your child gets their exam results. The big question is whether they will receive the grades they require to be accepted at the university of their choice or onto other vocational courses they have applied to. This year is exceptionally difficult. The ‘corona cohort’ of students have had a tough few months, unsure of expectations for their final months at school and unknowing of what the future might bring.

Feeling Adrift amidst Uncertain Futures

Not knowing if university is even an option and whether the university experience will be a profitable route to follow is hugely unsettling.


My daughter recently brought her boyfriend to stay for the first time. It would be fair to say that I made a few parenting errors!

Like so many of us, my family is just starting to get out and about a little bit again and extending our ‘corona bubble’ to include friends as well as our immediate family. This has meant that my daughter Betsy has been able to see her boyfriend for whom she has spent the last four months pining! After a few days together on holiday she decided to bring him home to us in Lincolnshire. …

This morning I wrote my first two freelance articles for which I was paid a set amount of money. It felt good, but as I pressed submit I wondered if they may have got a wider readership on Medium. Could they have been ‘the ones’ to make me successful? Should I hold out for Medium Success?

hand holding money
hand holding money
Should I give up my Medium Dream of making big bucks?! Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

I love writing on Medium. I know that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but it is a lot of fun to write for a public audience. I even once personified Medium and presented the platform as my lover! This is my favourite piece to date, though not a big earner — never mind!

Success is Possible on Medium, but it isn’t Easy

Success is possible and I have read lots of marketing based articles from writers who have valuable tips about being curated and making large sums of money! This doesn’t dishearten me as I’m not naive about the likelihood of my gaining a massive readership. …

Being distributed and accruing readers is a challenge on medium. How do I make the most from being curated on the medium?

Looking for advice on getting readers for my articles after I’ve been curated.

Being distributed on medium is a challenge. Maybe I should edit more carefully? Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

I’ve been on medium for quite a while now. I have something of an unhealthy love affair going on with it, where I can’t quite leave it alone. I have a writing spree and then ignore it for a while, but follow this with another writing spree. I don’t have a lot of readers but can’t leave it alone.

I’ve managed to get curated several times in some of the reasonably sized and larger publications. I’m proud of this, but the curation of articles doesn’t turn into reads. I can’t figure out why I have such a low readership for…

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