What Steller means to me.

The new storytelling app that journalists shouldn’t ignore! — or anyone for that matter!

You would be forgiven for thinking I was a somewhat beer fanatic if I told you about my new found love for Steller. Fortunately for me, this is not the case. Steller is in fact a new social media network created for real-time, authentic storytelling (and I’m more impartial to a gin than a pint).

Like the majority of other millennials brought up in the digital age, my life revolves around online activity. My morning routine of Instagram scrolls, Facebook updates and Snapchat stories (before getting out of my bed), showcases a slight obsession with social media networks. I know I’m not the only one with this fixation, with 50% of 18–24 year-olds going on Facebook when they wake up, and Instagram attracting 300 million active users a day, it’s safe to say we’re all at it.

When it comes to Instagram, I take great pride in what I upload. There’s something prestige about the social media network that differentiates it from the rest. For me it is a place for perfection, out of the 50+ selfies in multiple lighting, or untold different angle shots of the prawn linguine you’ve ordered, only one can make the cut. The anticipation as you wait for the likes to come rolling in (if it’s less than 11 it’s getting deleted) is all part of the experience. Our constant need for validation from our peers, and even people we don’t know, is what feeds our addiction — a guilty pleasure we hate to love.

Considering my Insta-infatuation, it was surprising to learn of a shiny new app that I had never come across before. Steller was recently introduced into my life, though I must admit I was a little reluctant at the beginning. My firm loyalty to my good friend Instagram made me question the intentions of this storytelling app.

What do you do Steller?

What could you possibly offer me that Instagram cannot?

And most importantly, are you worth the storage space?

After my cross examination, it turns out the storytelling social networking app is a hidden gem after all. Created in 2014, Steller is a simple and slick way to offer more than a one-image-insight into your life, your hobbies, and your skills. Its mobile first, web second nature means that it holds a unique quality unlike its competitors enabling on-the-go storytelling. When giving her opinion of the app Kaylene Hong from TNW says:

Steller is a beautiful visual storytelling app, similar to Storehouse, but for your iPhone instead”

Here is a short video to explain just how this hidden gem works:

Taking my chances on the app, I tried it out and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It’s easy to use design provides a platform to create short stories in a quick and enjoyable way. I went down the ‘foodie’ root and found my creative sparks flowing instantly, within minutes I was a self-proclaimed culinary genius, taking great pride in the shape of my avocado and being sure of the right shots to reel my audience in.

A great way to challenge your creativity, Steller reflects the notion of creating a storybook, encouraging quality in both photography and writing, regardless of the topic you are covering. Whilst my affection for Instagram is still as strong as ever, Steller gives a whole new purpose to the iPhone. As Sarah Perez explains, the app showcases how our smartphones can do more than serve as our cameras or a quick way to post images to social networks like Facebook or Instagram, they’re also capable of being creative devices.

I am however concerned with the longevity of Steller. I question whether it can match up to networks such as Instagram and Facebook, unfortunately I can’t help but feel the answer is always no. Am I ready to swap my morning scrolls for a session of pure creativity? I don’t think so. Lazy as it is, consuming content is just so much easier than creating it, hence why 99% of website users observe whilst the other 1% actively create new content.

My advice to you? Check it out regardless. Give Steller a chance! Beat the rule of internet culture and be part of the 1% who are actually contributing to creating content. It’s gorgeous layout will make your visit worthwhile, even if it is just a one stop shop for you.

You never know, you could think it’s Stellar! *cringe*

Discover me on Steller: https://steller.co/higgins_nj/