Call center software is the software system that helps the call center agents to know about the customer’s history to give the customer a superior experience. So first we shall see how it works and then what’s the future of contact center software.

The prime features of a contact center software are :-

a) Multi-Channel Communication

b) Presence Management

c) Account Code Handling

d) Supervisor Monitoring & Coaching

e) Conferencing

f) Agent Alerts

g) CRM Integration

h) Screen Pop

A new scoring system Net Easy will allow companies to find out about the experience of any customer and also the chances of doing repeat business with them. This will make the working of a contact center easier. Another important feature will be the transition of channels from calls and email to web-chat, social media and video conferencing. Of these web-chat is expected to be the most preferred way of communication. Smart phones will impact a lot on the overall business of contact center as customers expect a 24x7 service these days. A survey has revealed that 49% of customers now only call a contact centre when they have a complex question. Yet the contact centre model wasn’t designed for complexity and needs to adapt if it is to survive.

Contact centers will make use of cloud servers to handle the ever increasing customers. An integrated cloud-based software system enables the contact centre and back-office team to work together. Apps related to call center software will be built and supervisors will be able to monitor their agents outside the confines of their office. New technology helps call center agents identify the behaviour of customer so that they can deal with them and communicate more effectively. The smart phones of the future will support online and video chat, as well as provide a “click to call” service and enable customers to make call-back requests.