“My Family Don’t Get Me”

I love my family.

And it’s important to me to feel like I can be there for my relatives and I really enjoy spending time with them.

I guess I’m quite sentimental like that.

But as I’ve got older, I’ve realised my views are quite different to some of my family members… So it can be a real struggle.

Often my inner being screams..

“Can you please just GET me!?”

Sometimes I just want to be heard and understood.

My dad is quite a challenge- love him to bits but he’s quite forthcoming with his views.

And doesn’t match mine.

Our values do not align.

For example…

He believes you must save everything, live frugally and put it towards your retirement.

Although- there is some wisdom in that.

I believe gaining knowledge in making money so you have the ability to create more when you need or want it.

Hence while staying in Wellington- he slept at a backpackers while we stayed in a 5 star hotel.

No one is right or wrong.

They are both choices in which we choose to live our life… Steamed from our own belief systems.

I followed my dads path for the majority of my life but it left me miserable.

Looking back..

I’ve always been different from everyone in my family..

I think differently.. I do things differently..

And the path I have chosen is one they can’t relate to..

It’s like we speak different languages.

And at times, I feel really alone.

But I believe everything happens for a reason…

And the lesson for me here is to keep listening to myself and striving forward because only I can understand what I want and only I have the ability to make sh*t happen!

Focus on what you want and go for it!

If you keep waiting for someone else’s approval- you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.

Thanks for reading,

Sally Kerridge-Temm

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