Generally speaking, I am pretty “me” on social media. I try not to stunt or make my life seem cooler than it actually is. But, there are times I trip up and post little snippets of my life that are not as perfect as I caption them to be. Below is a selection of pictures that are good examples of just that.

I have ‘Varsity’ written on the sleeve of my crewneck, so if you have never seen me play, you would assume I am really good at tennis. I got on my freshmen year, but I actually cried after practice for the first few days because I felt I was not as good as the other players on the team. I honestly thought that it was a mistake to put me on Varsity and considered talking to the coach to put me down to JV. However, I am glad I did not because being on Varsity motivated me to work harder than I would have less challenged.

I attended Washington Business Week which is a overnight camp for students interested in business. I was the CEO of my ‘company’, and we won first overall. If you are friends with me on Facebook, I posted something sentimental about us winning. The win was great, but this week had to be the hardest week of my life. I had nearly no friends here, so I spent free time locked in my dorm room or wandering alone around campus. At one point, I felt so lonely I teared up but not full on cried because I am a strong, independent woman (obviously not). Not going to lie though, I was so relieved to go home.

I decided to curl my hair for the first time in a while just an hour before the senior photoshoot. Afterwards, I remember thinking that my hair looked like stale noodles in the photos (keep in mind, the problem was me. Laura Claypool is an outstanding photographer). What I am trying to get at is other people probably do not see the same flaws you do. Or maybe they do. And sometimes it is good to laugh about them together.

I was planning to take this picture before we even arrived at this wedding. All planned.

Wincie and I are a lot closer now, but we met like a week before this picture was taken.

Last but not least, the marathon picture. I usually do not post pictures of me working out or running on social media, so this picture of me finishing a marathon might seem a little out of the blue. However, I trained my butt off for this race with cross training, long runs, and healthy eating. I also spent a week of mental preparation reading Runner’s magazines which I do not know if it was a good idea because they made me doubt my abilities to finish.

Some people do have cool lives, and I like seeing people thriving. I wanted to use my Instagram as an example to show that sometimes there is more behind a nice picture, so do not compare yourself to what you see on social media. Unless someone posted a picture of Serious Pie pizza, then you should be like that person and go eat it too (worth it 110%).