Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition
Jordan Greenhall

Fascinating stuff. I find that I have been re-evaluating my personal relationships very carefully and quietly excising the odd Red Religionist — though I didn’t call them that before!

One question, which I shall ask eventually, based on my recent experience and thinking. Journalists have, in the last three decades particularly, slipped into a kind of moral decline and have become almost as disregarded, if not reviled, as politicians. Also, a decline in the ability to concentrate, plus the general rush of modern living, has meant that most journalism attempting to be serious can only be presented in bite sized pieces and has become fatally lightweight. And yet it seems that old-fashioned, serious journalism has never been more necessary in my lifetime. I find myself returning to the old-fashioned and more independent organs of publication, I’ve paid my yearly subscriptions for the first time.

We know that the press is changing and losing ground. I believe their ever-more sensationalist tone is a desperate measure to attract a fading audience. The Telegraph’s campaign to unmask the expenses scandal pretended to be serious investigative journalism, but actually ended up further damaging public respect for politicians and is in part therefore responsible for the rise of the maverick who seems more ‘authentic’. Meanwhile, smaller, heavily pruned staff on newspapers and tv stations fall back on the easy story to fill their pages and airtime. Farage gives better copy than Farron, so they turn to him for opinion. In fact, they’ve handed Brexit to Farage on a plate.

So… my question at last. Do you think we could see the return of serious investigative journalism to a central position in modern life?

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