Symone Smash It: An Eight Month Career Plan

Some classmates and I have crafted an eight month career plan for upcoming artist Symone Smash it.

We chose this artist specifically because she is an upcoming artist with much room to grow, yet simultaneously also has some following in her possession already. She is an electronic/dream house/ space pop artist who was founded in December of 2012. This Minneapolis native already has her own professional website/social media with an EP release date set for April 28th, 2017.

My team and I decided that a Midwest tour to go along with her EP release was appropriate for this artist. We would want Symone to go down to Iowa, then Illinois, followed by Wisconsin and then back to Minnesota. We would want her to headline at venues such as The Razz, 7th Street, and The Amsterdam Bar Hall. I feel this is appropriate seeing as this artist is from the Midwest, therefore has most comfort and following in that area.

While on this tour, I figured she would not only appeal to her already-established audience, but also reach out and touch people who are not yet fans. The point of the tour would be for Symone to get herself and her music out there — to glean a bigger following. Because of this, I felt that these goals for her social media are completely probable:

  • 1200 likes on Facebook (is currently at around 700 likes)
  • 5000 followers on Instagram (is currently at about 1000 follows)
  • 300 followers on Twitter (is currently around 100 followers)
  • 100 subscribers on Youtube (is currently around 45 subscribers)
  • 200 followers on Soundcloud (is currently around 120 follows)

There is reasoning behind these numbers. I shot high for Instagram because I figured someone on the tour or a friend of Symone’s could take a lot of pictures while on tour and use those to glean following. Symone herself has a very unique aesthetic that is very easily marketable. People tend to follow accounts with unique themes and aesthetics.

I didn’t shoot so high for Soundcloud not because Symone could not do better, but because Soundcloud itself is starting to decline and go downhill as a music platform.

The other numbers were set because they seemed feasible given her audience and usage of social media.

Now as I’ve said before, Symone Smash It has a unique aesthetic. I would call it almost Lady Gaga-like; she wears crazy outfits, intense music videos and back-up dancers, and has a very dramatic/theatrical element to her that would be very fun to play around with on a live show and with merchandise to match her persona.

However, doing big dramatic and theatrical shows on the road can be quite costly. However, we do not want to loose Symone’s unique look or aesthetic because of cost. Therefore, we found other ways to save on this tour:

  • Tour van artist can sleep in most nights instead of hotel, or, reach out and ask if anyone is willing to let her stay at their place for a night
  • One person is both tour manager and FOH
  • Borrow equipment as opposed to renting, or get an endorsement
  • Instead of hiring a photographer for events, have a member of the crew or a friend take pics for social media
  • Grocery shop for tour for things with long shelf life instead of eating out everyday, which would also be healthier.

While on this tour, we would also want Symone to be featured on radio stations of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul community. My team and I decided that the Current and the local hip-hop would be the perfect fit for this artist. Radio interviews would be ideal so that fans not only fall in love with her music, but fall in love with her personality as well. Furthermore, it would be beneficial for Symone to have connections with these radio stations as well.

After her tout though, I figured Symone should release a stripped down version of her EP. I figured this because I know that Symone’s style of music isn’t appealing for everyone. However, there are many artist whom I personally didn’t like until I heard stripped down or acoustic covers of their own songs, then immediately fell in love. I feel like it’d be a good idea regaurdless of if Symone reaches her social media goals or not. If she does not, releasing this acoustic EP would be a great way to try again for that goal — to reach an audience that’s beyond her main genre. But if she does reach her social media goals, why not try to go even higher?

So basically, after Symone’s EP release date, she’d go straight to the tour bus, as cheap as possible but also as aesthetic as possible. She’d go on this tour having goals set to reach out to fans whether it be by social media or by radio interviews or just by perfoming amazingly live. After the tour, ideally I’d like to see her release a stripped down version of the EP she just released and toured on in order to reach out further to current/potential fans. And that is how we would wrap up this eight-month career plan for Symone.

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