Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable (Canada C3 — Day 1, Leg 10)

It has been a while since I last blogged about any of my adventures. The last time would have been 9 years ago when I took part in the Canada World Youth Program in Peterborough, Ontario and Chamazi, Tanzania.

The last few years have been quite the whirlwind, but I thought none of my experiences have quite been like the Canada C3. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you should! Check out the live map of where we currently are!

Here’s the coles notes version of what it’s all about:

  • 150 Day Expedition from “Coast to Coast to Coast” (hence the name C3)
  • Consists of 15 legs which started from Toronto, Canada going all the way to St. John’s NL, to the Pond Inlet to ending in Victoria, BC.
  • There are 4 key theme which are carried out throughout the expedition bridging discussions and countless learning opportunities. Themes are: Diversity and Inclusion, Reconciliation, Youth Engagement and the Environment.
  • Over 5000 people applied to be part of the expedition and 300 were chosen coast to coast from varied backgrounds. Each leg consists of a chef, musician, artist, a couple scientist and everyone in between! (On our leg we even have an Olympian!!)

Learn more about it on the site, moving forward…. My goal will be to post one blog for everyday of our journey. I think of experiences like this as my personal “learning journeys”, since starting my own company almost 2 years ago. I’ve been specifically looking for experiences like this which push me out of my comfort zone. I think of it as “Professional Development” for entrepreneurs, it’s nothing like what I would learn from a text book.

I’m a bit behind right now with the blog, especially since we’re already on Day 4, but when you’re in the middle of the North West Passage… wifi isn’t so consistent.

Day 1: Flew from Edmonton →Yellowknife → Cambridge Bay

Once we landed into Cambridge Bay, the geography was stunning, I’ve never been to any other place quite like this. There wasn’t much vegetation, mostly grass and small shrubs(barely shrubs) and these “pools” of water.

Really quickly as we all met each other, you could tell the synergies of the group already started to make the experience even more magical than I expected. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people you surround yourself with. The Canada C3 team have done an incredible job designing this experience for us all, all our backgrounds are so diverse that we very quickly jump into challenging and though provoking discussions. Since we are in the Arctic, seeing and learning about the Inuit communities is at the heart of our experience along with the history of all indigenous people.

We are very fortunate to have several participants who are able to share their personal experiences and knowledge with us on issues relating to the indigenous communities across the country and the world.

Check out our full list of participants and bios here. *Some bios are missing from the site at the moment.

Moving forward on this blog, if you are following along… Reflect on these questions before I start to jump into our daily adventures and I’ll chat more about it moving forward.

  1. What do you know about the indigenous communities in Canada?
  2. What do you think Canada should do in regards to the Arctic? (FYI. We own 1.4 of the Artic in the world)
  3. Are there questions that you want me to ask participants or locals? What would you like to learn about?

Feel free to make comments below on your reflections!