(And why your company needs a podcast for salespeople)

How to Flex Muscle on the Sales Team, Too

Michael Phelps wins the 200 individual medley at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.

A Massive Work of Storytelling on PBS

Brands and Culture for the Common Good

Business and Innovation in a Hyper-Aware World

For every share, I will donate $1 to Save the Children

Copyright Jacobia Dahm


Girl in the Valley by Amy O’Dowd

“I wish I could be paid to think.”

Please join the May 6 5K to raise awareness abut the world’s mental health crisis

From Princes William and Harry to Irish Senator Joan Freeman, activists are speaking out on the world’s mental health crisis

Sally O'Dowd

multimedia content production and marketing, magazine self-publisher and poet www.sallyodowd.com www.sallyonmedia.net

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