Healthy For the Holidays — Part 1 — Sally Twellman

Today starts Thanksgiving week, which is the “official” start of the Holidays, at least here in the States. This time of Year can be crazy and busy and crazy and busy…did I mention crazy and busy? And sometimes, we let the (yule) tide of the season over take us and we find ourselves feeling, sick, run-down and unhealthy moving into the new year, so we start our new year in a health and wellbeing deficit.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…I want you to feel awesome, happy and healthy all holiday season long and feeling strong, so you can start 2017 with a bang…and make it your best year EVER!

So, today I am giving you part 1 of a 2 part series on being and staying Healthy for the Holidays!

Stay Active

The body works better when it used properly. And Moving it is how you use it properly. Our exercise and physically actively routine is often the first thing to get cut when the holidays roll around. Exercise helps reduce anxiety, regulates out emotions improves your metabolism and increases your energy…all of these things are so important during this full and fabulous holiday season.

Indulge a little, once a day

Enjoy the festivities, that’s part of what makes the holidays so fun! Indulge but be choosey and indulge only in what you love and leave the rest.!

Empowered Eating Tip: Use the 3 bit rule: The fact is, we really only truly cherish and LOVE the first few bits of a dessert or treat. So anticipate the first bit and truly, truly enjoy everything about that bite, enjoy the smell, the mouth feel and the explosion of flavor. Do the same for the 2ndbite. Then take the 3rdand final bit and enjoy it to the fullest extent. After that 3rdbite, give out a feeling of gratitude for the dessert and move on either sharing the rest or even throwing it away, you know that there is more where that came from. Don’t however, focus on the deprivation of not having more, because then you won’t be satisfied and feel even more frenzied after next time dessert comes around. Instead focus on how good it was to be in control of your compulsion around food, fully enjoying the treat and honoring the commitment to yourself.

Keep Your Environment Healthy

Yes, there are lots treats every where…they just don’t have to be in your immediate environment, tempting you. Because even the most disciplined Olympian would eat those cookies that are sitting on the corner of their desk all day. So, do yourself a favor and keep all temptations out of your environment. (this includes the kitchen too)

Eat more veggies and Fruit

Start with the Healthy stuff first. Yes, the treats will taste good and be instantly satisfying, but constantly overeating on the less healthy options that will move you further away from your goals, and make you feel less than optimal. Also, eating your fruits and veggies, helps support your immune system to decrease illness during this time of year.


Be Calm and Carry on.

This is a Stressful Time of year, so continue to take the time to do those practices that keep you sane and calm the rest of the year like…

Happy Holidays my Friends!



P.S. If you need a little extra support staying on track the Holiday Season, just Holla — -> and let’s Schedule a free discovery call to see how I can help you meet your health and weight (+ confidence + happiness) goals!

Originally published at on November 21, 2016.