Benefits Of A Health Information Exchange System

A health information exchange abbreviated as an HIE refers To a system which contains patient information that makes it available to health care providers. It gives the physician past details concerning the patient before he could administer any drugs. It has benefits both to the providers and the patients as discussed below.

Availability of Information During Emergencies.

The very first thing doctors find out before treatment is the medical history. This helps a lot in diagnosing what you are suffering from and prevents them from making any medical mistakes. There are cases of emergency when a patient is brought in unconscious and they are unable to explain themselves to health care providers. A health exchange program then becomes useful since it will inform them any health issues that you have, evaluations that were done before and medications you are compatible with thus assisting the emergency scenario.

Information Security.

Forget about the paperwork that is used in hospitals to pick History and the next time you visit the health center; it can’t seem to get found. The HIE system at ensures that your information is stored electronically and if disasters such as hurricanes or fire occur, the individual information remains safe because it could be retrieved. Additionally, only licensed health caregivers will get the information assuring you of privacy.

Better Medical Care.

Look at a case where you Aren’t visiting the same hospital So that the new doctor starts assessing your situation from zero. The process may take more and some information omitted but in a scenario where there’s an HIE in operation, the health caregiver can look at your history and know your overall wellbeing status consequently serve you much better. They are in a position to know the previous medicine you received thus not duplicate or offer other drugs that will not react with the former ones. It saves a lot especially when the client does not remember drugs used before consequently minimal errors are made. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best consultant, go to

Time and Cost Savings.

You can imagine every time you get to a medical center. You are referred for x-rays which exposes you to radiation effects. On the other hand, several lab tests are done to ascertain what it is that you are ill from. These procedures at can be stressful and also the HIE system curbs that issue as it offers such advice in case you have experienced the evaluations before. That will help you save costs and time involved as copying is minimal.


As gym, if you have not established Health Information Exchange system in your hospital, please do as it improves the care You provide to your patients. The benefits derived from the individual and the Facility are apparent.