Meet the Perennials
Gina Pell

This is spot on and clearly resonates across the generational spectrum. I know I’m swimming upstream here, but there are so many of us in our 50s and 60s (even 70s) who are more active, productive, youthful in mind, body and spirit than any other cohort in history. We’ve redefined aging, we don’t remotely fit the label Senior Citizen, most resent it as a pejorative. Some will happily embrace the Perennial concept, and bravo. But the label Baby Boomer is a legitimate, valid description of a generation connected by a unique collective experience and mindset in every aspect of our lives, no matter our differences, unrivaled by any other. I applaud the Perennials concept for every generation but mine. I’ll call you a perennial, you can me a Boomer and proud of it.

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