Last Saturday vs. this Saturday

As I am writing this it is currently 2:00 P.M. on the first Saturday since I started my Iron Yard journey on September 26. I can’t really remember what I was exactly doing at this time a week ago. For one thing, a week is a long time, especially when filled with brand new experiences. Second, for about a week or two before Iron Yard started, I was a nervous wreck who basically lived inside her own head. In fact, the only thoughts I had consisted of how anxious I was for Iron Yard to start. That two-week chunk of my life is basically a blur, which is a real damn shame.

The moment I sat down for our three-hour lecture on Monday morning, I knew I was doing the right thing. I had been afraid that on the first day of class I would suddenly realize that I had made a horrible decision or wasted a bunch of money, time and brain power on the program. Despite these fears, I knew from the moment the first class started that Iron Yard was the best possible decision for me.

Now, I know things are going to get harder and harder throughout the three months ahead of me. I am going to start missing my husband and two doggos more. I am going to get sick of being away from my lovely city of Fort Wayne (Indianapolis is pretty great though). Most of all, I know the content is going to get A LOT more challenging as we progress.

Here’s a half-hearted apology for any future ranting you might read.

I am in the Front-End Engineering class/cohort. For those who don’t know, front-end development coding of what the user experiences on a web browser. Basically, what we see on a website and how we interact with it. This means that our code consists of a lot of styling and design — both things I believe I have a natural eye for. This strength, along with having some previous experience with HTML/CSS, meant that this past week (and hopefully future weeks) was a dream-fantasy for me with the mix of lectures/assignments we’ve had.

Besides being SUPER into the content we are going through, I am absolutely loving the way Iron Yard is making my brain work. Probably the biggest difference (besides anxiety levels) from last Saturday to now, is that I am using my brain in ways I haven’t felt since, well, now that I think about it, ever. Even in school, I never challenged myself in the same way I am now. Although I am just a week in and the ass-kicking has yet to even BEGIN, I am confident that Iron Yard is a completely life-changing experience. Even last Saturday, knowing full well that I was going to go through with this program, I was not taking my future all too seriously. With everything I’ve learned within just ONE week, on this Saturday it’s hard to ignore the seriousness of all my future opportunities Iron Yard provides.