No. Why would it be?
Anon Adderlan

…and we just voted in a President who is the poster child for rape culture. As a sexual assault survivor I am feeling angry, disgusted and afraid.

Was he really the better candidate for our country? Do we want to elect people just because they are white men even though they are not fit to lead?

There are books and research on the vilification of Hilary Clinton. She has a long public service record which includes many mistakes and much I don’t agree with but Trump is a thug. Nothing was ever proven about those god damn emails despite the dozens of investigations but much has been proven about him not paying people and running Universities that were defrauding people left and right.

He has been accused not of emails but of raping a 13 year old child and then he praised his buddy who arranged for him to do that, a friend of his who has a history of pedophilia.

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