The Polarizing Rhetoric of the Left is Scary
Emma Lindsay

Emma Lindsay As a female minority from a Muslim country, I feel that my safety was compromised by those who voted for Trump. For this reason I feel anger. Anger is an appropriate response to having been endangered so I do not feel a need to apologize for feeling this way.

However, along with my anger I feel empathy for many Trump supporters. I know I am not the only person in the world who has and is currently facing difficulties. I realize that those who voted for Trump did so based on their life experiences and the place that they happen to be in their lives at the moment.

You are saying that I should feel that the decision to vote for Trump was not a personal attack against me but I disagree with that.

Voting for Trump is not a left vs right thing. I can assure you I did not feel this way when Bush was elected though I did not agree with the choice.

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