Not a Deplorable: Why I Voted Trump
Beth Bailey

I am sorry you were harassed that is wrong but as a female minority I do hold you accountable for putting my life in danger with your choice of President.

I am feeling afraid and my anxiety is caused by your choice and its certainly legitimate that I should feel this way.

Don’t gaslight me by saying I have nothing to worry about. I am in danger and I know it.

We all have choices but some of our choices harm others and they may be angry because of that. They are not wrong to be angry when endangered.

FYI, I want to add that I am really feeling you. You should not be treated like you were. You are as afraid as I am and I get that.

I am not sure how you fail to understand that Mr Trump is purposely creating this division. People become anxious when they feel threatened.If he really wants to lead in peace then he could have incited less of a response by picking a cabinet free of alt white types but he purposely didn’t do that to incite more of a division between us.

I also disagree that a President has nothing to do with rape culture. Electing a man who talks like this about women to a high office sends the wrong message. I am also a sexual assault survivor and this really makes me feel unsafe.

What you are saying is that people not react when someone threatens them but its human nature that this happens when an atmosphere is created in which people do not feel safe.

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