Your reading comprehension isn’t quite up to par is it?

Your analogy was that people should not get PTSD from spilled milk. You are judging what experiences entitle others to develop PTSD from and suggesting that a Presidential election should not stress others out.

Why do you get to decide what things pass the PTSD test?

You said there is a wealth of information about PTSD. Yes and I have read many books. Have you? Are you familiar with “The body keeps the score” and with “Trauma and Recovery” which are two of the leading works on this subject?

What are your sources of information?

In Trauma and Recovery Dr Herman outlines with great clarity that oppressors deny the trauma of others and try their best to invalidate it

Look inside yourself? Why are you so invested in getting others to doubt their own experiences?

I work with a trauma therapist and with many others who are recovering from PTSD so I can see right through you

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