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4 Simple Steps to Change Your Mindset

When I think of a perfectionist, I picture a person obsessed with getting everything to meet the highest standards possible. Having a neat desk, striving for flawlessness, and completing tasks on time are all qualities that pop in my mind at the sight of the word Perfectionism.

The preliminary quote sounds like an oxymoron. I couldn’t apprehend how a person who’s keen on everything would waste hours and hours on utter nothingness. However, I come to find out my procrastination wasn’t simply a pretext to watch a few more episodes on Netflix, or check…

Get yourself out of the “fifth-wheel” zone

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I was delighted to count myself in college among a cool 5-friends group, only it was short-lived. In no time, I’d become the one who the sidewalk wouldn’t fit, the friend behind the scenes, and the camerawoman for their Instagramable #frienship_goals photos.

Growing up, it’s easy to fall into the regimen of a society that only acknowledges tribes and fails to see individuals. You simply want to fit in, share that sense of group identity.

At your school, in your college, or workplace, there’s always the group known for throwing the best parties, the nerdy mathletes, the art-crazed crew, the…

Here is what linguists have to say about the future of the punctuation

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Think of it as the headline of your Medium article: Ending it with a full stop looks unfamiliar, intimidating and people will read into it. The phenomenon of dropping the full stop even found the day in more formal writing as in Newspaper headlines too.

It’s how a millennial, like myself, reacts to the punctuation in contexts related to social media and texting. This conversation sparked after a since-deleted tweet from The Guardian columnist Rhiannon Cosslett on August 14, who wrote:

“Older people — do you realize that ending a sentence with a full stop comes across as sort of…

They can be unimaginably apathetic, but also surprisingly kind

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Atrocious days happen once in a blue moon under the clear sky, and fluffy clouds of sunny Cairo, Egypt. Life is good even when we fail to see it; even when positive, once joyful kids also fail to.

Life is good.

My sister and I were sitting in the back seat of mom’s black loyal Skoda committed to commuting for long hours on end every day. It was the midterm week and I was munching on my spicy Cheetos — unhealthy Mondays used to be our coping mechanism to the start of another school week.

Staring out the car window…

GiaB writing prompt #4 — Cooking

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It’s six o’clock. I know it, my professor knows it and my friends also know it. How you may ask? Well…My stomach has been growling for 15 minutes now, it’s aware it’s time to ditch class and get to our favorite meal of the day.

Moving to France for a bachelor’s degree comes with a price tag attached to dreary, grey, and depressing weather conditions. Just last week, I had gone out in a floral skirt and a tank top, whereas this evening, I got drenched in unstoppable rain, water sneaking 3 layers into my coat, then pullover, and shirt…

A Poem on crowd-pleasing

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As curious as a cat,
I research, question, and overthink.
Writing my heart out — if it were paper,
I’d constantly be out of ink.

Then, you click on my story
read the title, the subtitle, and…
skim through? speed-read?!

I wish I knew how to make you stay

I’ve put the most interesting bits
in the introduction, but
it made you leave after two
short scrolls and my soul’s abduction.

I wish I knew how to crack the code

I’ve saved, instead, the juicy stuff for the finale, but you couldn’t even reach that far — for you, the…


Give me a Nobel Peace Prize

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I’m notoriously known for unfortunate events across my circles of close people. It’s crazy how over the years, I acclimated to only expect the worst without a dab of hope in my heart.

I’d love to believe the world has its reasons when it hits me with unnecessary, minor inconveniences that delay everything. But, hey…I’m fine! It makes for hours on end of unique storytelling and I’ve learned to live with it.

Color me forgiving.

Okay, not entirely “forgiving” but you might say I’ve had my peace with it. What is luck anyway? Is it inherently good? When we ask…

Let’s do some judging

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I love the creative bubble Apple has created for its users. People are going hard with their designs, my social media feeds are flooded with home screens outdoing one another…I think it’s great! Good job Apple, you definitely know how to keep us on our tiptoes, get immense free marketing and make non-Apple-users feel a little left out.

It’s somewhat concerning for the creators of applications who spent weeks, if not months, coming up with designs for their app icon only for everyone to flush those down the toilet and create their own.

I also don’t know what space that…

I’ve hit a writing slump, but I found a 3-steps way out

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When YouTubers can’t let their imagination run riot, I see them pushing out a lot of Q&A type of videos. They usually tackle their intros the same way: “So I asked you guys on Instagram to post all of the juicy questions you want me to answer and today I’ll finally spill the tea…”.

I honestly used to call that “lazy content” because it relatively is. Compare the amount of research, time and sweat put in a video about ways to increase your streams of income (high value to the followers, requires a lot of thought and backed up information)…

Salma Alaa

Engineering Student by day, Overthinking Perfectionist by night • Tree Hugger & Curious Cosmopolitan • PS — This bio is as unstable as my mental health •

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