How to Make Videos Easier to Make: Use Repeatable Processes

One of the big things to consider when making videos, is how you can make the process easier for yourself.

YouTube says that channels that invest a lot of resources (time, effort, money, etc) into making a few big hits are not as successful over the long term, as channels that can put out consistent videos which follow a set format.

To be able to keep creating videos, you need to have repeatable processes in place.

Some examples of repeatable process:

1. Wear the same shirt in every video

2. Wear a different shirt depending on the day of the week (black on Mondays, yellow on Fridays, etc)

3. Use the same opening sentence or style of intro in every video (for example, I say Hi, I’m Salma Jafri and I help entrepreneurs grow their personal brands with video)

4. Use the same closing or CTA at the end of every video (this also helps viewers hear/watch your CTA multiple times and encourages them to take action on it).

5. Design a format for your thumbnails so you just change the text or image each time (I have a tutorial on how to do this!)

6. Structure your content in the same way in each video (You can use my VET formula to structure your videos)

7. Use the same upload sequence each time (this refers to the order in which you add details to your videos)

8. Use the same music and editing styles in each video

9. Use the same video setup each time (e.g. place the lights, camera, tripods, etc in the same positions each time)

Repeatable processes help eliminate the amount of decisions you need to make about every video. Decision-making takes time and effort.

The less you have to think about the process, the more time you have to get creative about your content.

So think about what kind of videos can you create with minimal effort using repeatable processes.

What else would you add to this list? What else can you repeat with every video?

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