I Am a White, Racist, Privileged, Nationalist Woman Without Rights…And Other Things I Learned This…
Laura J Mann

I was with you with the race comments, started losing you a little with the Trump talk, bored with the women’s match, back on board with vagina suits, then accepted it all when I read your description of being a mom espousing political views. Personally, politics bore me, hence losing you in the middle, but I can appreciate that you stand by what you say you are. Can’t fault anyone for that.

One comment on “whites” being informed they’re racist for being white… isn’t that the exact definition of racism, i.e. being judged on the color of your skin. In this case the judgment being passed is that the white man (or woman) is racist. Why? Bc they are white. The irony is amazing. When you add what I assume is white on white judgment, the circle of lunacy is complete.

Well, that was a treat, back to the distraction that’s the draft and playoffs.

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