Brown Sugar
Pamela Blackwell-Nwonye

Thank you. This is derogatory correct? Because women aren’t supposed to be objectified, and real beauty is more than skin deep? Even if that skin tone is a lovely shade of brown?

Disclaimer: As a person of color, I feel like I am entitled to say brown is superficially a fantastic shade. Granted, I may very well be biased as I am brown. I also think beards are sweet, not necessarily on women though. Just my perspective here.

Disclaimer 2: I’m married, therefore, my days of judging whether or not someone is qualified to be in the “brown sugar” category are behind me. I may be allowed to have a scientific based objective conversation on what society views as attractive — not sure, will have to check the legalese.

Follow up question: is there a non derogatory male version of this? (Asking for a friend).

Last disclaimer: I do sincerely apologize if this is touching on a racial nerve. My intent is to learn, and maybe make a joke or two at my own expense.

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