“Poverty and Poor people”

I with my friend Mr. Afaq decided to speak something about “poverty and Poor People” around the World . Be, Open mind i will like to say Every one is having a body to perform kind actions and a sense to think something great for the welfare of people.So, Poor people are all around the world. Do you ever think if you are the poor one ? Yes, you can better feel the feelings of poor people if you imagine yourself as a poor.I many times feel their feelings whenever i saw them on roads,or sitting outside of rich people houses etc. It’s very heart touching feelings because the poor people have no money to eat good food,New clothes,even nothing to support their family.They are facing so many problems everyday so, they are so strong to survive here in this people. So, if we people combine with on another and start fundraising for the poor people to reduce the Poverty then poor people can feel they are not alone here in this Universe. I many times donate money to poor people, even in my daily life whenever i see the poor people i give them the money even a penny but i give them because, i know the money which i have is not mine it’s provided to me by ALLAH!

So, there is no right of you on your money even you have small amount of money or large you have to donate to poor people.You can work for rehabilitation of Orphan Child it’s a a way of Charity. So, we have to take stand from your place and spread to the Nations. InshaALLAH!

Thank you!

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