Story of my mentor and humility importance :

  1. Who is someone in your life who has accompanied you or who has been a mentor for you?

Ans: There were so many people, faces that have been my mentor to get this stage of my life . Firstly, was My parents and second Teachers who always urge me to do something different from others prevent my from losing myself. The third party actually including my friends (no matter good friends or bad) and the people surrounding me, Because their actions( good and bad) always give me a life lesson, then it’s on my perception how I get lesson, So I always pick good thing from every lesson /incident and this habit is due to my Parents and Teacher’s .

2. Please share a story about how they have helped you grow, helped you reach the accomplishments you have achieved, or helped you become the person you are today.

Ans: Actually, these people helped me always to get the good lesson to achieve the goals of life and how they helped??This is actually depending on their reactions with me either the positive or negative reactions, but in both cases they gave me something to learn. So, I am thankful to negative people in my life they made me strong. For example, during my study my parents always support me to do work hard. Even in my university there were many negative friends who always liked to jealous from me and my work, but actually they are making me strong by giving me difficulties and distractions in my work So, It’s my good nature because of my parents hardworking on me.

3. How important do you think it was for you to have humility in order to learn from this person? Would you have been able to learn from them if you did not have humility?

Ans: Humility, I always follow it during facing any problems but sometime I missed it and got a lesson that it’s a need for spending successful life. Because in team working, leadership and others you should have humility in your work with others.So, by humility you can win every person in life.

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