Living in IGC Housing A/B

  1. What are the curfew hours for resident students?

The curfew hours are active from 3 am until 6 am for all undergraduate students. You may leave the housing building any time, but you’ll be able to enter the housing buildings using your Student ID cards only until 3 am. So unless you have someone inside the building who is willing to open the door from inside, you shouldn’t leave the building after 3 am.

2. What are the hours for serving dinner at the cafeteria?

Breakfast is usually served from 8 am to 9 am; lunch from 11:30 am to 1 pm and dinner from 5:30 pm to 7 pm.

3. Can I smoke inside my room with the windows open or anywhere inside the building?

No. It is strictly prohibited to smoke anywhere on campus. Incheon Global Campus is a smoke-free zone and as a resident you must abide by all the rules and regulations that you agreed to abide by when you first applied for a room at IGC Housing. In fact, all rooms have smoke detectors installed which will detect if you are smoking inside the room. Tampering the smoke detector is result you in getting penalty points or even losing your residency in the housing buildings permanently.

4. Can I bring my pet dog or cat for the weekend to keep with me?


5. What are the hours of roll call?

Roll call is generally conducted between the hours of 10 pm to 12 am. If you are not going to be staying in your room, please leave a sticky note about your whereabouts or text your RA with your name and where you’ll during this time.

6. Can I use skateboards, hover boards or roller skates on the corridors or outside within campus premise?

Since last semester, the use of such boards have been banned, which is why you must not be riding these within the campus premises. If you are skateboarding outside the campus, please use safety equipment for precaution from injuries.

7. Can my girlfriend visit my room to do assignments together or watch a movie or even when I am sick?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible. Please your RA finds out that you are doing so, he/she is obliged to report against such activities even though RA may be your close friend. There are plenty of spaces for meeting and staying together for couple of hours. So please don’t take the unnecessary risk and throw both of you into trouble.

8. Can I bring my own iron or fridge and keep it in my room?

You may use the irons installed on the laundry rooms, but you cannot keep or use your own iron. The same goes for fridge. If found, the housing office may seize it, and give you penalty points for violating housing rules.

9. Can I use the emergency-exit stairs for exercise, smoking or sitting-alone?

As its name suggests, emergency-exit stairs should be used in emergency occasions only, such as fires, fire-drills, and such events. You should also note that once you enter the emergency exit hallway, you will have to climb down all the way to first floor to enter the corridor again.

10. What are the operation hours for IGC Shuttle Bus and where does it stop?

IGC Shuttle Bus Schedule and Stops