Fast food makes you less intelligent ,according to new research

Dr Gerald Weissmann, editor of the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology, who posted the study, said:”It’s nothing quick of a high-fat hangover’’

A high-fat weight loss program over much less than 10 days was once located to injury the momentary memory of rats used in the test from scientists at Oxford University.
The research group studied rats fed a low fat diet, comprising 7.5 per cent of calories as fat, and in contrast them with rats fed a high-fat junk food diet, with 55 per cent of calories as fat.
It found that after four days the muscle groups of the rat on the high-fat diet were much less in a position to use oxygen to make power wished to exercise, inflicting an enlarge in heart size.
After 9 days, the high-fat rats made more mistakes in a maze, taking longer to whole it. On the different hand, the low-fat rats had been jogging 50 per cent similarly by using this period.
Researchers determined improved levels of a protein known as uncoupling protein 3 in the rats’ muscle cells. The protein makes the cells less environment friendly at using oxygen to make the electricity required for running.


Salman Hossain