A Prelude to WhereEverItTakes — A BlogSeries


I am writing from today focusing on the daily topics,events and news I come across everyday.I am thinking about writing for a few days and coincidentally read a blog (I read on this platform about benefiting one’s own self by doing some creative work in a quality hour daily) that urged me to write.I do not know how much I am going to proceed. I consider the events described below as a part of the series WhereEverItTakes.Here it is!

  1. Today I made a vow to myself of reading from a book daily in the morning.
  2. In the afternoon I just lingered from one link of YouTube to another mostly related to politics,social issues,media and journalism.I still only have the faintest idea about Tiananmen Square — Young people of China stood up for democracy mostly students and were massacred by Chinese Army-Nevertheless I listened to one fine story of A Tank Man in this event .A BBC reporter took his picture and also made a video of him standing in front of Chinese Tanks all alone.

3)I was also thrilled to learn about Umbrella Movement by Hong Kong students but unfortunately could not pursue it.

4)I am nowadays occupied by the thought of starting my own podcast.I tried to have a glimpse of it using Audacity(A software for editing sound clips) and it was a complete failure.Moreover I have followed NPR TED RADIO HOUR which is a nice podcast.I realized following your thoughts can make you more closer towards reality.

5) I listened to Ex President of Pakistan Musharraf’s interview with GPS’s Fareed Zakaria on YouTube and lately tried to listen Hillary Clinton’s speech at GCU,Lahore but could not make it.

6)I read a lot of posts from Humans of New York today mainly about the campaign he is doing for cancer patients.This was amongst the best ones.

I know that there maybe no meaning of events for now for the things I have mentioned above but I hope I could list down some important events everyday and maybe find a meaning in them some day.So stay tuned and smile please.