Life Code : Time

The most valuable asset in your life is your time, once you spend it, it is gone forever. It is even more important than money because, after spending, money does come back to you sometime later.

So what are you doing with your life’s most precious asset?

Do this simple thing, next time you spend a minute of your life on something, think if that was worth spending a minute, and in exchange for your most valuable asset, what did you earn back? Did you earn equally valuable asset, less valuable asset or simply nothing in return?

Your minutes of life are like GOLD COINS in your hand and you decide where you spend them.

And you are free to spend your GOLD COINS. You can throw your GOLD COINS in the dustbin of past if you like, exchange them for nothing and lose them forever. Don’t worry there are more GOLD COINS in your hand, but you can worry if you like as they come in a limited number only. You will eventually run out of them — and leave the earth.

So how are you spending your GOLD COINS?

If you are smart, you can trade your GOLD COINS with something. You can buy your future, someone’s happiness, exchange GOLD COINs with money or perhaps you want to buy knowledge for yourself or someone else you love. Time is your God gifted currency and with it, you can buy everything which the planet has.

But, don’t waste your GOLD. Don’t be an actual loser. Don’t throw your GOLD COINS in the dustbin of past and get nothing in return.

So one more time, think, where are you going to spending your GOLD COINS today.