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Mozammel Haque is nothing short of an everyday ordinary person. He would wake up every morning to face the terrible traffic on the streets of Dhaka on his way to office and complain about it like anyone of us. But one fine day, he did try something that he never considered trying before. He cycled all the way to his office and back, discovering a great remedy that was already there. Later on, he simply started talking about what he found useful from this change of habit among a closed group of friends, and it resulted into the rapid increase of both cyclists and branded cycle shops in Dhaka at an unprecedented scale that no one see it coming.

Rubaiya Ahmad was an owner of a pet dog like thousand other people living in Dhaka. And she would love her dog no less than any other owners who too owned one of their own. But when she lost her dog on a very unfortunate incident (it was killed by the city corporation people who thought it was a street dog), she didn’t just sit devastated by what had happened to her, but did something about it. If she didn’t care deeply enough about her loss and established Obhoyaranna (an organization that works on animal welfare) from it, she would never know that her actions would later on change the existing law by the government which kills dog during the breeding season to eliminate the chance of spreading Rabies. Not only her organization is the shelter for many animals, it also created a small army of activists who vaccinate the street dogs during the breeding season and cure them from any potential harm instead of killing them brutally.

Tribe Leadership

Now despite the never-ending use of these traditional media to communicate, there are other forms of systematic communications and marketing techniques that are being used by many people, be it knowingly or unknowingly.

For example, Live Square, a local music firm related to anything that is about music didn’t re-invent the music scene in Bangladesh. They just changed the way things were happening around them. They just identified certain groups of musicians and use them to spread the experience of music that they thought we all deserved. They have not only organized the very scattered group of talented musicians in Bangladesh but also showcased them in style in front of millions.

Naveed Mahbub didn’t invent comedy or humor in Bangladesh, he just changed the status quo by connecting the people who were waiting to take part – looking for a leadership. Being lived abroad for many years and returning back to Bangladesh, Naveed hardly knew many people around and people hardly have the experience of the form of entertainment that we wanted to preach. But it didn’t stop him from setting up his own crib, which resulted in giving weekly entertainment to many people, unearthing many aspiring comedians in town and giving pleasures to thousands in the process.

This list can go on and on and I can prove further how so many of these people, projects, and communities are constantly changing the everyday landscape of life around us than we know ourselves. And only if we look deeper into their work, their impact and how they have been successful at spreading what they started communicated from a group of strong REAL influencers than just some dummy or made up characters who hardly even own the work (or product).

As I leave you with questions and points of argue, on my next piece, I’ll be digging further into this rationale and argue back how in majority of the cases companies be it small or large are getting most of their impact from these Tribe Leaders be it knowingly or unknowingly. And how as a result of the unknown, in many cases, they are spending and targeting wrongly as they try to communicate with their potential consumers which in impact is not bringing much solid results for them.

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