Huobi Public Chain and The Leadership Vote Explained


The Huobi Chain is a key aspect of Huobi that is set to revolutionize Huobi’s financial service. The Huobi Chain is a product designed not only for present needs but also for the future needs that are likely to arise in the crypto space. It is a decentralized self –regulating network that is evolving with the demands that to arise as the crypto space continues to grow. Through Huobi Chain, Huobi hopes to transform from the current centralized system they were operating on into a fully decentralized corporation that is completely run by its own community.

✅Huobi Chain is a public blockchain. Huobi plans on running its organization on this platform to evolve into a truly decentralized service provider. The Huobi community is going to be among the biggest beneficiaries of this move as every owner of HT tokens will have a direct involvement in choosing the direction of Huobi through Huobi Chain. Furthermore, to fund this venture and in a show of how highly Huobi regards decentralization, it has set aside 30 million Huobi tokens for this project. Through the Huobi Chain Superhero Championship, Huobi will incentivize its community to help build Huobi Chain making the community the foundation and pillars of this platform 👮🏽. The winner of the Huobi Chain development competition is going to be awarded the 30 million HT to develop the public blockchain, Huobi Chain.

Active Participation

Owning HT tokens automatically gives you the right to participate in various activities that Huobi will have organized. However, there are some important responsibilities that each HT token holder should strive to participate in whenever they are organized. Some of these activities affect directly the type of services and products that are going to be released by Huobi in the present and future.

✅An upcoming vote deciding who will lead the change that will make Huobi a community-led platform is vital for the future of Huobi.

➡️Each community member will have a say in their preferred candidate to lead Huobi into the future.

➡️Voting is crucial in every democratic community and especially for communities such as the Huobi community; members will have the chance to select one whom they know to be fully capable of delivering the objectives made by Huobi.

➡️Moreover, it will also help the community understand that they are directly responsible for the success or failure of the platform through the votes they cast.

Due diligence is therefore required from each voter, reviewing all the candidates such that each voter makes their own informed voting choice based on what they understand to be the future of Huobi Global.

To encourage voting and to invite as many members of the community to make their choice heard, Huobi has arranged airdrops for every vote that can be accessed via the following link.

Possible Front Runner 🏋🏾

✅In all competitions, there are always the favorites tipped for success; thus this vote is no different. Most of the candidates are already part of Huobi Global as board advisors for Huobi Chain. Having candidates who are familiar with Huobi is necessary as they would already be knowledgeable about the corporation’s primary objectives and will be prominent in implementing policies that will help meet these goals. The probable front-runner in becoming the leader of Huobi Chain is the co-founder of MediLOT, a decentralized healthcare network, Prof Ooi Beng Chin. His recent appointment to various bodies within Huobi shows the confidence that the corporation has in him. He is also part of panels featuring distinguished minds within leading economic and financial organizations. His brilliance cannot be overlooked, as a background in Computer Science combined with a leading position in a hotly anticipated project, confirms his suitability for the Huobi role 👍🏽.

Proffesor Ooi Beng Chin-Source

✅His Computer science professorship puts him at a great advantage possibly over most of his peers as he can quickly grasp the technical implementations that may need to be made as Huobi evolves over the years. His expertise is already being utilized as he is part of the Huobi Blockchain and Industry Alliance Committee. This committee is looking at possible ways through which blockchain technology can be involved in as many industries as possible to provide efficient services and to aid in the growth of industries in the technological future. The blockchain integration with industries is supported by most of Huobi group’s components such as Huobi Labs. The fact that Prof Ooi Beng Chin helped in the development of MediLOT is no ordinary achievement. These achievements indicate the large task ahead of the other candidates in order to beat Prof Ooi Beng Chin.

A Dark Horse? 🐴

Prof Ooi Beng Chin is most likely the front-runner in this race. However, there are other competitors who also have good credentials as well but as things stand now, they seem to have an outsider’s chance in the perceived rankings. For Huobi Chain’s leadership competition, RUFF CEO Roy Li best fits this description.

Roy LiSource

✅Huobi’s vision, through Huobi chain, is to provide solutions through blockchain for various industries worldwide. There are some front runners but Roy Li may actually outshine them. Recently, he was invited to deliver a keynote speech during the Global Blockchain Technology Development Conference which aims to achieve very comparable goals as Huobi Chain but through a different route. To make things even more interesting, the speech he delivered was titled, ‘The Application Ecosystem of Blockchain and Value Networks’. When combined with his win as the most influential CEO in 2018 in Blockchain, a potential shock victory could be delivered. His win and keynote speech would likely to have encouraged extra votes from the HT holders, as well recognition from people whom would’ve otherwise have been unfamiliar to him.

The RUFF project is in itself a practical application for blockchain. It deals with the development of applications for the internet of things. Such innovative and forward-thinking ideas are required in Huobi Chain and may appeal to the voters as his resume shows the kind of thinking he will add to Huobi. With greater exposure to the Huobi community, Roy Li may very well cause an upset. He has the qualifications and he has worked with the development of projects that tailor Huobi’s future plans.

The Voter’s Win

✅All this talk about the likely front-runner and the possible dark horse in this competition will all be brought down to the voter. HT token holders still hold the deciding power as to who may lead this public chain. Their selection will be the right selection, as this is whom the majority will believe can fulfill their desired expectations on the Huobi Chain project. Great things are achieved when the community participates in such important exercises together.

For this reason, HT holders are urged to vote for their preferred candidate. Voting is limited to HT token holders but anyone can vote; all that is required is to purchase HT tokens and this allows participation in the voting process and other future Huobi activities, thereby allowing users to become part of the Huobi community and thus taking an active role in deciding the future of blockchain through Huobi 🙏🏻.

Disclaimer: Please only take this information as my OWN opinion and should not be regarded as financial advise in any situation. Please remember to DYOR before making any decisions.

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