Zeepin Official Mainnet Release And More Details About The GalaBox!

Zeepin has made headline within the crypto-sphere lately following the new of their official mainnet release. As well as this, the article will provide information on how to take part in the Galabox crowdfunding and ways to obtain an official Galabox!


Creative minds generate a resource that is unique to each individual. It can be argued, with enough evidence, that these minds are an essential part of the driving force towards a better economy. Therefore, in line with empowering creatives around the world, Zeepin is designing a space where creativity can efficiently generate revenue through their ideas. The following include advantages of the Zeepin space:

➡️Digitization of assets

➡️Confirmation of intellectual property rights

➡️Easy, efficient and near-frictionless transactions

➡️Creatives can crowd-fund their assets through Zeepin

➡️Zeepin can host a large number of creatives within its space

➡️Assistance in organization and aid in improving creative skills.

Zeepin will target the ever-growing creative space to fuel economic growth.

Mainnet Launch

Just like riding a bicycle, training wheels are important in the tech space, to build a following, to understand how well to navigate the problems that are likely to arise and to have time to build something greater. Zeepin was first launched on the NEO blockchain where its ZPT (Zeepin tokens) were also launched as NEP5 tokens. Zeepin, while continuing to grow over a period of time, has received support through the NEO blockchain and now officially operate their own mainnet.

Zeepin’s mainnet launch is slated for August 31st, 2018. After the launch, holders of the NEP5 ZPT tokens can exchange them for the native ZPT tokens now supported by their mainnet. The mainnet will afford Zeepin the chance to grow their own blockchain. Zeepin’s users may also find it more profitable operating out of Zeepin’s very own blockchain.


Experience may be the best teacher but learning from the mistakes of others is inexpensive and likely to save wastage of resources among other losses. Storage space optimization within the blockchain space has been an issue plaguing a number of chains. Some protocols and DApps have opted for centralized storage options which have their own problems. Furthermore, opting for centralized storage is retrogressive especially considering the advantages that decentralization has over centralized platforms. Security and privacy in centralized storage are prone to a number of attacks which could lead to a loss of user data or compromise of the data stored.


Through GalaCloud, Zeepin hopes to have a storage solution that trumps centralized storage and is optimized to serve blockchain. Data uploaded onto GalaCloud will be encrypted and then distributed across its network such that it minimizes any chance of data within GalaCloud from being compromised. Moreover, with a service such as GalaCloud, Zeepin’s mainnet and subsequent blockchain are likely to be successful. GalaCloud will provide the needed stability to the spine that is the Zeepin mainnet.

Servicing Zeepin Through GalaCloud

Data within Zeepin will be stored in shards. These shards will still need a physical storage component within the network where they can be stored. GalaBoxes are the solution to this problem. They can be used as storage components for the Zeepin ecosystem as well as being used as mining components enabling their owners to obtain ZPT tokens while supporting the functions of Zeepin. Upon purchase, owners install hard disk drive which allows them to participate in the distributed storage network for mining.

GalaBoxes can be easily acquired by following the right channels. Participation in the crowdfunding issued by ZeeFund is a key requirement for anyone willing to have a GalaBox. Sixty thousand GalaBoxes will be available with more planned in case demand for the GalaBoxes increases.

The GalaHub Selection

‘High return on investment’ is probably one of the most attractive statements anyone would want to hear. Zeepin is currently holding a selection whereby users who are interested in becoming GalaHub nodes deposit no less than 400,000 ZPT. The ZPT are going to be locked for a period of 18 months with a high chance of the GalaHub nodes gaining from the services they will provide. Twenty percent of the revenue made from tasks such as distributing storage services and executing administrative jobs will be distributed among the selected GalaHub nodes. Only 49 slots are available.


CryptoGalaxy, as the name suggests, is a virtual galaxy within the crypto space where users can find entertainment through games. It features a wallet which stores and can transfer ZPT and GALA tokens. Zeepin is currently incentivizing users of CryptoGalaxy to hold their ZPT in the Galaxy Wallet. 150,000 GALA tokens are up for grabs through the daily reward pools.

Zeepin has an assortment of products and services which are all geared towards enabling creativity. More on what they have to offer can be found through:



CryptoGalaxy Tutorial



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