Adoption of crypto and cryptocurrency at large is inevitable.

In the words of Elon Musk, “I think Bitcoin is on the verge of getting broad acceptance by conventional finance people.” His sentiments alone sent Bitcoin soaring, increasing in value by 14%. As more financial institutions accept and adopt cryptocurrencies, various challenges arise that necessitate a bridge linking financial enterprises and crypto. Enter UNIDO.

UNIDO addresses the challenges of security, governance, and accessibility that asset management firms face as they opt to leverage the cryptocurrency industry. …

In the past month, MXC experienced a decline, especially when compared to their sky highs of the previous months. The negative change in price would usually suggest a corresponding slowing of enthusiasm and a decline in demand for MXC products; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth, in all ways, the exact opposite has occurred, sales and enthusiasm in MXC has never been higher! Ironically, as the price of MXC went down, demand for the M2 Pro Miner skyrocketed. The MXC Foundation is currently registering record M2 Pro sales figures.

All of this beggars the question — how could…

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a culture shift. Online tools and resources became the go-to solution for many companies. The pandemic highlighted the convenience and importance of these resources in the global market. The resulting paradigm shift has meant that data is more valuable than ever to understand the new market trends better.

With this in mind, a blockchain-powered data services company, Insights Network, could provide the requisite services needed for this role. The company has shown tremendous growth over the past couple of years, culminating in an array of major milestones this year. …

Source: MXC

MXC continues to perform as one of the most proactive platforms in the blockchain industry. After their MXC smart cities campaign, the company is moving on to other productive projects. The company recently introduced MXC Mining, made possible through the M2 Pro miner, which targets the low-cost mining market. The M2 Pro miner will double up as a gateway to the smart city network as well as a cheap and efficient method for crypto passive income in 2020.

It also introduced a mobile application, MXC Dash, for easier access to MXC services globally

Their progress, especially with MXC Mining, taps…

What started out as a buzzword is now an operational system that is arguably the future of cities globally.

Source: The New Daily

MXC pioneered the smart cities initiative geared towards connecting the various technical aspects of the city. These connections would then enable the optimization of various resources such as water and electricity while also providing solutions to populous city problems such as traffic congestion.

The Shanghai Yangpu district was the initial partner of the smart cities project by the MXC foundation. Given the relationship between the Chinese government and cryptocurrency, the partnership came as a surprise to many in the blockchain industry. However, it spoke of the great confidence the Chinese government had in the MXC system. …

The global use of blockchain technology is increasing. More enterprises and individuals are adopting the technology for a myriad of uses.


With increasing adoption comes an increasing demand for the technology to meet the expected demands of an interoperable platform. Blockchain platforms must be scalable, versatile, high-performing, and secure to meet market demands.

Aelf, a cloud-powered public blockchain for business, recently introduced its latest feature, Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP), to meet emerging market demands. The CCTP was introduced to solve the problem of low efficiency and high-cost of cross-chain asset transfer. It was also introduced as a solution to low interoperability between different chains as a result of their incompatibilities.

The platform then ran a competition to see how robust the…

The dramatic rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused carnage on the global economy. Previous expectations of financial objectives have been completely changed and the desire for a stable income has substantially increased.

Previously, many individuals sought tokens that would realize massive gains in record time; however, in 2020, things are changing. Platforms are now adopting the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to meet the staking demand in the market. With the seismic shift in economic conditions globally, cryptocurrency users are more interested in achieving crypto passive income than ever before. …

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The world is in a transition. Whether we like it or not, we will have to conform to the new normal that will settle in once the pandemic is under control. The faster we conform, the greater our rebound will be.

Crucial to this rebound is the adoption of blockchain and its supporting technologies. Our reliance on centralized services is under scrutiny as the pandemic exposes global weaknesses in daily operations of various industries.

A closer look at the weaknesses reveals problems blockchain can solve with the right supporting technologies. …


AAX is working to become a leading brand in the global financial markets. The platform is configuring its services to match the demands of both the cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

According to its roadmap, the platform is set to release its cryptocurrency during this quarter. The new cryptocurrency, AAB, will be the main trading currency within the AAX ecosystem. Further, it will open up new revenue streams for their users based on the discount and reward set up by AAX.

AAX is not the only digital exchange platform in the decentralized industry; however, its planned developments and platform set up…

By Sal Miah on The Capital

Huobi is always on an innovative path. With their latest development, Huobi Lite, users of the platform, can now easily make Bitcoin purchases. Huobi Lite is similar to Huobi OTC, which was released last year. However, it is easier to use compared to Huobi OTC.

Moreover, Huobi Lite provides the best rates traders can find in the market, especially if they are purchasing with fiat. Through this innovation, Huobi opens a more accessible route through which the cryptocurrency market can grow an essential factor for the success of the decentralized market.

Using Huobi Lite

Using Huobi Lite is arguably the most straightforward way…

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