Khudi and Self learning :

Humanity is something which differentiate between an animal or a human . All the humans are provided with a heart but the thing which matter is how many of the heartbeats are for ourself and how many are for others . If we are kind hearted , helpful and generous then we are on the right track. Abdul Sattar Edhi an icon of hope for millions of people all around the world . How he become such a generous human being I came to know about it when I read his book

In which he said that my mother gave me 2 paisas one to spend on myself other to spend on the needy person.

That was the training which made him so kind hearted that he became the Pioneer of volunteerism and Self sufficiency in Pakistan . That was the training which made him able to have each and every heartbeat for the welfare of poors and miserable persons. I quoted these lines because whatever EDHI sahb was whatever he gave to the society all depend upon this lesson which his mother gave to him in a very initial steps that is the lesson of Khudi the lesson that why we , the human beings , are brought to this world. Everybody know that we are Superior of all the creations but which thing make us Superior is humanity and khudi because God made us Superior of all we just have to explore what we have in our souls and what is the purpose of life that was what EDHI SAHB’s mother taught him and let him recognize the purpose for which he is made and when his purpose was cleared before him he worked for that and became EDHI SAHB an icon of hope and legend who proved that whatever you want to do in your life you can achieve it but if you 'really want' to do that

Now I would like to mention something that relates to the self learning I am a biology student and now an agrarian I means I have no concern with computer science since my childhood I neither use a computer not a gadget . You will be amazed to know that I first time use laptop in my first year class . But now a project came which demands some basic knowledge of computer software Corel draw and the project is that I had to design a letterhead for my society . Finding no response from the members and other executives I found out that if I want to issue letters in time then I have to do it myself . I had some basic knowledge of Corel draw but it was not sufficient for it so I always found myself step back whenever someone demands letterhead designs because

Due to having zero experince in designing a letterhead

A very basic knowledge of Corel draw and

is also a time consuming task .

But I gird up my loin and planned it in a way that

Firstly I would searched for sample designs and some other necessary keys to use Corel draw from YouTube

Secondly i got the basic demand of chairman and whatever I made would be finalized by him

Thirdly to give last touch and present it to for official use

So following the exact step when I designed 2 letterheads worth 10$ in the respective websites but I copied the designs and do it by myself . When I shared it with chairman I came to know that chairman wants nothing but a real traditional and simple letterhead design it is really a tough time for me but I have learnt many things and after several editings and many itching comments I made them realize that their demand has been fulfilled. So I published it and compiled letters and sent the letters to our respective presidents of the society.

. It was my first ever experience through which I have learnt many things as follows ……….If you are determined you can ……Whatever your choice is, be specific to the demand of client ……When you ask someone to do something he will hibernate but when you have done that task he will be most active among those who criticize...

Be confident if yo are dedetermined.

have learnt someother tools of Corel draw like

Drawing of curves etc