Just start and achieve dreams (Edhi sb’s Life)

Today, I read a chapter from Edhi Sb’s Auto biography and now I have to relate one example from his life to the Amal principles of progress and with my life experience. It was a great experience and the thing I experienced reading the chapter was that it was all about Amal and khudi.

There were a lot of examples in the chapter but I have to mention only one so here it is. Edhi sb was full of big dreams like build hospitals and industries but it was not possible for him due to low resources so he just start doing little work according to his resources. He start helping people near him as much as he could. And due to his Amal he at last achieve his big dreams. There are a lot of amal examples in my life but I have to mention one from my university life. I am a student of mechanical engineering and I was very interested in doing different projects but in first year I can’t do anything. I was totally unaware of the practical work but I was seeking for an opportunity. In 4th semester I came to know about an international event known as SPDC which was going to held after only two weeks. In that competition we have to design and build a robot for relief which can complete different tasks now we are totally unaware of market and any other thing. But we decided to compete. We made a team of five members and start working. As the time was short so we didn’t take help from any teacher and we started working on that. We started visiting the market, buying different components and started experimenting them. We thought about a design and started working on it, bought all components according to design and assembled then but when it comes to prototyping the design failed now we were only two days away from competition but we continue acting to the new design and we got some hope but on the day we had to leave for the competition to topi, the remote or you can say controller for our robot was not ready without which our robot was useless but we reached there in GIKI topi sawabi at night and the competition was in the next morning. Note we were having the night only for working. Me and my one friend worked while night and at last we were successful in building our controller. At the time of competition we were only two team members to handle all the things because one member was ill and the other two were outside the university due to some important work. It was the rule for competition that your robot must fit into a box of fixed dimensions, the dimensions of our robot were according to the requirements but it does not stand fit in the box due to a little extended shaft which was the hurdle. The judges were allowing us to complete but one of the opponent team was not agreed so they said us to fit our robot in box. It was not possible without the help of hacksaw which we forgot in our room. But we didn’t give up I requested the judges to give us five minutes. The hostel was approximately 500 meters from there I ran and bring hacksaw and then cut the extended shaft, fit our robot in box and compete. We didn’t win but it was our first experience and we learned a lot from that and this year from the Amal of last year we got runner up price while competing in Karachi. The advice for you people is that just take initiative and Allah will help you throughout your way Never give up as failure is the key to success.

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